Review Of The Serena Adjustable Bed

Serena Adjustable Bed Review
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Practical, efficient, basic and very affordable, the adjustable Serena bed is the perfect match for anyone with medical issues or those just looking for more comfort around the house.

As more and more people look for healthier ways to improve their comfort during sleeping time, adjustable beds from Serena are really starting to grab quite the reputation.

Featuring a weight adjuster zone, 33 sprung slats and 5 part adjustable base, the adjustable Bed Range from Serena gives users plenty of options for ideal sleeping positions while also ensuring relief for your hips, knees, back, head and neck regions.

I recently bought the bed as an early Christmas gift to my dad and here’s how it worked out for him. I hope my honest and detailed Serena adjustable bed review helps you out too.

Serena Adjustable Bed review

serena adjustable bed review

Serena Adjustable Bed

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What are you buying?

Measuring 6 feet 6 inches in length and a total height of 63cms, the Serena adjustable bed range uses a profiling frame that can be fully adjusted to raise or lower the bed to your preferred position. If you’re like my dad and enjoy watching a little TV or catching up on the latest sports magazines in bed, then you will definitely appreciate the flexibility and convenience that Serena incorporates in this particular bed.

Starting off from the most important structure, the five-fold adjustable base includes with all the right settings to help users achieve an ideal position for whatever activity you are doing.

Thanks to his old flatbed, my dad knows all too well how sore and abused it feels in the morning. With the new adjustable bed from Serena, he now wakes up feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is all due to the adjustable base that offers relief for his back, knees, hips, neck, back, and head.

Like many new adjustable bed customers, I had doubts about how much weight this bed could handle. My dad is a big guy who vigorously tosses and turns around in bed. This adjustable bed not only comfortable handles his 110 Kgs like a breeze, but it also feels more comfortable with credit to the 33 sprung slats that easily conform and adjust with the pressure.

Of course, an adjustable bed is useless without the right mattress. This is why Serena included an 800ct sprung pocket mattress with a stretch top panel that is knitted for softer comfort.

How easy is it to use?

I’ll come right out and say it, for a bed that comes with only a handful of features, Serena could have made operation much easier. It takes a while to get used to the bed, but once you do things become far less complicated. Maybe get help with the installation if this is your first adjustable bed. However, once that was over with, the rest of the features were very user-friendly and easy to operate.

I had read up on lots of reviews, so I knew what to check for. This adjustable bed from Serena was very smooth and responsive as we changed through all the different positions.

Even though I put the motor and other moving parts through quite the test, this particular bed proved super quiet and creak free. This can be credited to Serena’s decent engineering and also the fact that the nylon brushed metal fittings don’t rattle an inch out of place.

This particular model also includes a low voltage handset (deluxe) with six different buttons that allow for instant setting of your favourite positions. Overall, the bed and mattress are very easy to clean and maintain thanks to Serena’s simple design.


  • Profiling frame can be adjusted in 5 different places.
  • Smooth and responsive transition between positions.
  • Incorporates a weight adjuster zone for lumbar support.


  • Some customers have claimed that the weight adjuster zone may not be as effective as it should be.

Anything else you should know?

While this particular adjustable bed is capable of playing host to an entire array of features, this is not the case with this purchase. This particular product comes with a sprung mattress and does not include a headboard. However, for an additional cost, you can request for the inclusion of a headboard, your choice foam mattress, drawers, a massage unit and even spare covers if required.


Practical, efficient, basic and very affordable, the adjustable Serena bed is the perfect match for anyone with medical issues or those just looking for more comfort around the house.

While the bed may not really stand head to head with other feature packed, luxurious adjustable bed brands, its flexibility and convenience make a decent effort to keep users comfortable and relaxed. You also have the choice to include all your favourite features like massage capabilities and headboards at a slightly higher cost.

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