Did you know that the record for the longest period without sleep was set by a Californian student Randy Gardner? While other have died trying it, Randy went 11 full days without sleeping and experienced some of the worst sleep deprivation symptoms ever.

Sure, this may be extreme; but more and more people are getting deprived of a great night’s sleep due to their choice of beds, mattresses and a whole lot other sleeping accessories. If you toss, turn and fidget all night, your body will definitely feel beat up in the morning.

Considering that humans spend over a third of their lives sleeping, poor sleeping patterns and surfaces could have adverse long-term effects such as backaches, neck pains, compounded fatigue and other ailments. With your well-being in mind, a group of dedicated experts in their various fields have set out to inform you on all the best products and accessories to purchase so as to make your life much easier. Who are we?

Our story

Fiercely proud of our UK heritage and dedication to giving her people the best that life has to offer, we are the leading review website that keeps you in the know with all the latest items your bedroom needs. With years of experience and an outstanding eye for detail, we have made it our mission to help each and every one of you find your ideal sleep solution.

Research shows that over 75 % of people in the U.K may not be utilising their sleeping time properly for a full night’s rest. We understand wholly that at the heart of any individual’s health and well-being is sound and natural sleep so as to maximise performance and offer an energised and revitalised lifestyle.

Which is why we are committed to continuous investment and research on all sleeping habits as well as the latest technological innovations and scientific developments as they unfold with the aim of providing the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

Are you looking for something for the kids or adjustable beds to remedy some health issues? Or maybe you just want to accessorise your room with soothing night lamps and other incredible sleeping aids and paraphernalia. Whatever it is your bedroom needs, you can count on us for first-hand reviews and information on all the latest sleep-related items you could possibly think of.

Final word

Remember, you don’t have to put up with sleepless nights anymore or deny yourself all the frills that come with a great sleeping experience. We have gone and done the yards for you on all these items so that you can spend less time shopping, and more time sleeping.

Our reviews go hand in hand with U.K’s high-quality standards, and our commitments extend past ethical, social and even environmental responsibilities. We always put the customer’s needs first as opposed to other sites that just want to push products in your face all day.

We’re all about interaction and feedback; if you have any questions, comments or information about your experience with sleep-related products, just drop us an email and tell us about it. You can also send reviews and pictures of your sleep haven and all your favourite accessories that could help educate someone in need of a good night’s sleep.