If you are in the market for an adjustable bed, health experts recommend that you go for as much flexibility and as many features as you can. The wider the range of positions and accessories you get, the more value for your money in the long run.

This is why everyone is now turning to 5 fold adjustable technology for all the positions you need. Whether you are in dire need of medical relief or just want more comfort and luxury in the bedroom, your ideal match is not far away. Have a look at some of the most popular 5 fold system adjustable bed reviews and see which suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Best adjustable bed reviews

1. OUR TOP PICK – Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed

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As the name suggests, the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed is the future of sleeping.

Not only do these beds come in singles for spouses to enjoy their own preferred sleeping position, but it also means that one partner won’t disrupt the other’s sleep if they turn too much.

Apart from being perfect for spouses, the Francesca is ideal for people with back pains, neck issues, and other health problems. Get your pod today and say goodbye to all those godawful nights, and hello to the deepest sleep you ever had.

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2. Serena Adjustable Bed Range

serena adjustable bed reviewThe Serena Adjustable Bed utilises a fully adjustable frame to raise and lower itself through as many positions as a 5 fold adjustable system will allow.

The base measures 6 feet 6 inches in length and gives the entire bed a height of just 63 metres that makes getting in and out of bed easier.

It also comfortably handles a maximum weight of 18 stones. As for the operation, you might want to give the bed a few tries to get it just right.

Efficient, practical, basic and among the most affordable profiling models, the Serena adjustable bed range is an ideal match for anyone in need of a change.

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3. Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

imperial opulence bed reviewFeaturing a robust 13-inch base and 2-inch castors, the Imperial Opulence Bed immediately strikes one as a well designed and carefully constructed piece.

Anyone buying this bed for health issues will find relief thanks to all the great features the bed incorporates.

The bed maintains the ever reliable 5 fold system that offers relief to your head, neck, back, knees and other unsupported regions of the body.

You will also enjoy the 8” space age technology elastic Visco mattress that feels really comfortable and soft to the touch.

However, users may have to invest in a firmer mattress since the foam tends to dip at the middle. Read our full review of Imperial Opulence Bed.

4. Sleepkings Electric Adjustable Bed

sleepkings electric adjustable bedFrom the sleep tech geniuses over at Sleepkings comes yet another affordable, all inclusive and quality motion Sleepkings Electric Adjustable Bed.

This bed houses a 5 fold system in a much lower and convenient Chenille base that makes getting in and out much easier for the elderly, disabled and people with health issues.

When it comes to functionality and comfort, this adjustable bed lets you cycle through all the standard positions with a deluxe six button handset that operates quite smoothly.

However, while the low base is great for going in and out, some customers have claimed the lower base makes it hard for nurses and caregivers to provide assistance.

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5. Carla Memory Foam Adjustable Bed

carla memory foam adjustable bed reviewIf you are looking for a bed with robust construction, a well-engineered frame and a truckload of features, then you definitely want to give the Red Carla Memory Foam Adjustable Bed a try.

The 5 fold adjust system is highly flexible and offers tremendous support to all the crucial zones of the body such as knees, back, hips, neck, head and others.

What makes the bed stand out is its ability to adjust to 60 degrees and 90 degrees with unerring precision.

Whether you have health issues or are just looking for the most luxury you can get in the bedroom; the Carla adjustable bed allows for all that.

But while the manufacturer did keep all the best features to themselves, you can get features like massage systems, ergonomic hand control wand, drawers among many others. Read our full review of Carla Adjustable Bed.

Adjustable bed buying guide

Everyone on the planet needs and deserves to have a good night’s sleep, but for some, it can be all but unattainable. It’s no fun tossing and turning around all night on a flat surface and still wake up tired and cranky in the morning. Once you factor in that never-ending back pain and incessant neck cramps, sleeping turns into a highly painful experience.

This is precisely why adjustable beds have recently gained plenty of attention and become a favourite for people in the UK with disability, back pains or insomnia. This is the most comprehensive adjustable bed buying guide that touches on everything you need to know to make an informed purchase.

What is an adjustable bed?

Also referred to as electric beds, adjustable beds are those with a multi-hinged lying surface that allows the user to profile it to a number of different sitting or lying positions. The most common adjustments include raising the lower body and inclining the upper body autonomously. Adjustable beds can also be modified in height or set into both Trendelenburg positions.

While adjustable beds have been widely used in hospitals and other facilities for quite some time, they are becoming a common household item that offers users an exciting array of benefits.

Take a moment to consider what happens when you sleep on a traditional bed.

Once the human form rests on a flat sleeping surface, certain parts of the body tend to be overly supported while others are left entirely untouched. As a result, this puts extra stress on your muscles, especially along the neck and back. Sleeping on a very flat surface that can is unable to support the neck and back can have adverse, long-term effects.

An adjustable bed does not just offer a flat surface, but it can also be shifted into several angles for extra support on these neglected areas of your body. Neck and back regions that were previously made to stretch out uncomfortably on a flat bed are now fully supported and able to relax when sleeping.

In addition to promoting a better sleeping experience, adjustable beds also help people get on and off the bed more easily. Before we delve into the expansive world of adjustable beds, you may be wondering who exactly needs one. If you suffer from any of the following problems or just want the ultimate sleeping experience, then an well made adjustable bed is what you need.

  • People with back pain, arthritis and sciatica can benefit from a natural sleeping position.
  • Anyone with muscle weakness, disabilities or any mobility problems are able to get out and in the bed more easily.
  • Circulatory and respiratory issues can be remedied by elevating certain parts of the body.
  • Patients or persons with health conditions that necessitate extended periods of bed rest can benefit by being able to shift positions more conveniently.

Types of adjustable beds

The particular design and style of adjustable beds makes them totally different from a flatbed. Typically constructed with metal base, adjustable beds incorporate a motor underneath that helps set the bed into a number of different positions. Using either a remote control or buttons, the motor raises or lowers the adjustable points.

While there is a huge range of adjustable beds currently available worldwide, they generally fall into two main types: lifestyle and profiling beds.

1. Lifestyle beds

This type of adjustable bed primarily offers a sit-up function that makes reading, watching TV or carrying out other activities in bed much easier and more comfortable. While it is possible to sit up at whatever angle you choose, lifestyle beds are highly unlikely to offer adjustable height options or a different array of sleeping positions.

As such, lifestyle beds are more suited for people looking for more comfort and luxury in a bed rather than for medical or health reasons. They are also more affordable since they don’t come with too many additional features and mechanisms.

2. Profiling beds

Also referred to as variable posture beds, adjustable profiling beds allow for far more flexibility and versatility by introducing a variety of sleeping positions. Their unique design and features make profiling beds well suited for people with specific health and medical needs.

However, those looking for the ultimate form of sleeping luxury can also enjoy all that a profiling bed has to offer. This type of adjustable bed can be manually or electrically attuned while the person is on or off the bed. For more convenience, the electric profiling beds come with a remote control for users to adjust to their favourite positions while still in bed.

Since profiling beds allow for more flexibility, they also come in different types for people with different needs and budgets as well. These include:

  • Two part adjustable beds – Here, the upper section can be raised and lowered to make it possible to sit up, read, eat or watch Tv. Another name for this type of profiling bed is sit up bed.
  • Three part profiling bed – This type not only adjusts to sit up and raise you back, but it also incorporates a clever break at the knee that prevents you from slipping off the bed.
  • Four part adjustable beds – This type not only combines all the features of two part and three part beds, but it also incorporates an additional flat section to sit on.

Adjustable bed buying tips and key considerations

Are you in the market for your very own adjustable bed? I’m sure you must be wondering how to select the most suitable bed from the enormous array and endless choices available in the UK.

Adjustable beds do not come cheap and will be with you for a long time to come. As such, it is of the utmost consequence to make sure you get it right the first time round. Here are some helpful tips and key considerations to make before shelling out your hard earned money.

1. Ask for advice

While this bit especially applies to people with health and changing medical needs, it doesn’t hurt to ask the experts even if you are just looking for a little more luxury at home. Before you buy any adjustable bed, ensure you consult with your doctor, chiropractor, occupational therapist or a health care professional to find out which bed will suit your needs perfectly.

2. Inspect the engineering

First off, the most important thing you should know before buying your adjustable bed is that these beds are basically just the superstructure and underlying support base for your particular sleeping surface. Whether you prefer a mattress that is memory foam, coil type, or even an air bed mattress, the choice is entirely yours and separate from the adjustable base.

No other piece of furniture in your home is as complex as an adjustable base. The superstructure contains so many moving parts that shift in all sorts of direction.

Remember, you’re coughing up a lot of green to buy the adjustable bed. The last thing you want is a bed with signs of shoddy engineering. Therefore, take your time to lie in the bed and take her out for a spin. Grab the remote and pay close attention to how the bed moves.

Does it move quickly on command? How about the motions; are they nice and smooth or rude and jerky?

Take all this into account and also put your ears to task. Great engineering is usually quiet and smooth thanks to high-quality motors. If the bed is noisy and rattles a lot, then that is a sign of shoddy engineering doomed to fail after a short period of use.

3. Study the bed frame

As the foundation of the adjustable bed, the frame is responsible for holding the motor, supporting the mattress as well as the occupants using the bed. Since the bed will be moving down and up, the frame is obviously heavier than traditional beds.

Conventional bed frames consist of wood and other lighter frames while adjustable beds only use frames that are made of robust and durable metals like steel. When shopping for adjustable beds, ensure that you inspect every aspect of the frame. The thickness or gauge of the steel used is vital for longevity. The more thicker the steel is, the more heavier the load your bed will be able to carry.

Popular, recognised and trusted brands use exceptionally thick steel that won’t bend under pressure. However, cheaper bed frames will usually skimp out on the heavy gauges and choose a lighter gauge for the construction. This may bring down the prices to more affordable levels, but you can be sure that your bed will deteriorate over time and lose the ability to support your mattress correctly.

4. Choose your features wisely

Adjustable beds are made in an entire array of different styles, shapes, and sizes. The basic models just go down and up while the more high-end luxury models come with exciting perks and features that are designed to turn sleeping time into party time such as a message function. Whether you have a health condition or not, it is always preferable to get as many features as you possibly can to improve the experience.

However, more features also mean higher prices for customers. As such, it is of the utmost magnitude to prioritise the features you want and leave out others that your budget can’t handle. Here are some of the universal features found in adjustable beds and some information to help you choose the most suitable ones.

a. Programmable positions

Every single adjustable bed brings its own unique feature set. Some of them provide much larger lift angles for the head and feet that give you more options for the perfect sleeping conditions. Once you have found the ideal setting, some beds allow you to save it and set it anytime with the press of a button. Other adjustable beds come with pre-programmed positions that are suited for different functions.

b. Height adjustments

This feature allows your bed to move up and down so that it can be easier to get off and on the bed. To reduce the risk of injury from falls and drops, the bed is lowered closer to the floor. However, the bed can also be lifted higher to allow for more convenient nursing and assistance.

c. Relaxing massage

Select adjustable beds incorporate dual massage motors that give users two separate areas to work with. The upper motor relaxes and massages your shoulders, neck, and back while the bottom one massages the legs. Massage function offers relief for sore and painful muscles as well as stress relief after a hard day’s work.

d. Safety features

With all this adjustment and shifting around, adjustable beds pose a significant risk of falling over; especially for people with health and mobility issues. Fortunately, some adjustable beds also incorporate safety features like hand rails and drop down rails. Handrails are fitted on the beds to allow easier standing and moving. Drop down rails prevent the user from falling or slipping out of bed.

5. Pair the adjustable bed with the right mattress

Other than the bed frame, your mattress is arguably the most prominent part of any bed. Once you have an adjustable bed that ticks all the boxes in your checklist, pairing it with the right mattress is important. The right mattress, bed combination will not only help elevate your sleeping experience, but it will also give you the great night’s sleep that you rightly deserve.

There are 3 main types currently available. They include innerspring, memory foam and air chamber. While you are advised to purchase whichever type feels more comfortable, not all types are suited for adjustable beds. Let’s take a look at how the mattresses perform on adjustable beds.

a. Innerspring

These mattresses are made of hundreds of minute coils that compress when weighted and expand when free. Due to this design, innerspring mattresses are not really recommended for most adjustable beds. The reason for this is that the metal wiring inside does not make the mattress truly bendable and in some cases, the coils may even pop out.

b. Air chamber

Air chamber mattresses have indeed come a long way from those plastic models people were used to. Today, newer and luxurious models come with extra foam padding to make it more comfortable. In addition to offering a slip design for couples to individually adjust their side, air mattresses are also very light and super bendable. This makes them an ideal selection for all kinds of adjustable beds.

c. Memory foam

Since memory foam retains shape under higher pressure, it follows all the contours of the body perfectly. Its design makes it one of the best sleeping surfaces for adjustable beds all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to move an adjustable bed?

If you are moving the bed to another room, unplug the power cord and wrap any cables to keep them from dangling.

Strip the bed bare so that you are not lifting the weight of the bed as well as a mattress.

Have someone help you lift the bed and move it to the other room. Be careful not to put any sideways weight on the legs.

The legs of an adjustable bed can take plenty of weight if it is from straight up. But if you tip the bed on one side, the legs can easily bed. Lift the bed clean off the floor and be careful not to tip it when putting it back down.

Another tip is to lift the bed using the metal frame, not the parts that move up and down. These parts are flexible and can suddenly move if you put pressure on them.

If you are moving to another home, we recommend removing the legs. If you have a split Queen or King size bed, you may also need to separate the two sides.

Wrap any cables out of the way and store the remote control (if there’s one) somewhere safe.

Note: Make sure the bed is completely flat before you move it. Use the remote to lower both the head and foot of the bed.

Q: How to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed?

Some adjustable beds come with a bracket or two at the foot of the bed that keeps the mattress from sliding when you adjust the bed’s position.

If you adjustable bed has such a feature, you shouldn’t have a problem.

If yours doesn’t, get a non-slip mattress pad like this one and place it under the mattress. You can also use a rubber pad.

Q: What type of mattress is best for adjustable bed?

Most mattresses will work with an adjustable bed. But memory foam and latex mattresses are the best for adjustable beds.

These types of mattresses are more flexible and can move with the adjustable bed while retaining their support and durability.

Most innerspring and hybrid (foam + coils) mattresses are also ideal for use on an adjustable base. But first check the manufacturer specifications for any warning against using the mattress on an adjustable bed.

As for airbeds, some can work on an adjustable base, especially those with multiple chambers. But there’s a risk you’ll obstruct airflow when you bend the mattress, resulting in reduced support and comfort.

Check whether the manufacturer says it’s okay to use the air mattress on an adjustable bed.

Bottom line

From a financial and lifestyle standpoint, purchasing your first adjustable bed can be a major decision. However, nothing is more frustrating than working all day at your job and coming home only to work all night looking for a great sleeping position. The world of sleep is no longer flat; more and more people need extra support in some regions of the body.

Adjustable beds are the future of sleeping since no other method offers the versatility and flexibility you need to achieve a perfect, healthy and safe sleeping environment. Make sure you and your family are sleeping on adjustable beds today to reap the full benefits that this amazing technology has to offer.