Review Of The Imperial Opulence Bed With Memory Foam Mattress

Imperial Opulence Bed Review
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If you are tired of waking up sore and abused or just looking to relieve a myriad of medical issues, then the Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent choice.

Among the few adjustable beds that have been proven to reduce the number of times you toss and turn, the Imperial Opulence bed boasts of state of the art upholstery. This bed calls you out from afar with features like a multi-function remote and unique sensitivity to temperatures.

I recently bought this adjustable bed for my mum to help relieve years of sleepless nights and here’s how it worked out for her. I hope my Imperial Opulence bed review helps you out too.

Imperial Opulence Bed review

imperial opulence bed review

Imperial Opulence Bed

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What are you buying?

With a sturdy 13 inch base and 2 inch castors, the Imperial Opulence Bed comes across as well designed and carefully constructed to offer customers both higher levels of comfort and functionality.

Starting off the review is a five-fold adjustable bed system with an integrated mattress support system that had me hooked from the outset. My mum’s bad back and acid reflux problems really make trying to sleep a nightmare for her. That is why she appreciates the flexible system that allows her to elevate her head and shoulders a tad.

Another feature worth a mention is the fact that this adjustable bed satisfies the required electric and upholstery regulations that have been set by British and European fire standards.

Of course, an adjustable bed is only as good as the mattress that you are using. My mum definitely enjoyed the 8” space age technology Visco elastic mattress and all its features. The manufacturer did a great job with the design, and it does indeed feel very comfortable and soft.

One feature that really got me excited was the unique sensitivity to temperature that allows the mattress to instantly contour to the user’s body shape.

I have to say; my mum noticed significant relief and less pressure to different parts of her body such as hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and back. Unfortunately, I can tell that the comfort will be short-lived since the mattress has started to dip in the middle. Might have to buy another one.

How easy is it to use?

Even for those who are new to the world of adjustable beds, the Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress is very user-friendly. The five fold adjustable system is super easy to set thanks to the inclusion of a practical and user-friendly low voltage 6 button handset. All my mum had to do was click a few to achieve her desired position.

People with severe medical issues that require gentle treatment will appreciate how smooth and responsive the controls are. Whether you are lifting the head segment, footrest area or both, the 5 fold system moves like a well-oiled machine and barely makes any noise.

Delivery was also quite speedy despite delaying for a day or two, but the services we got were worth the wait. This included placing the bed in my mum’s room and even going as far as installing it and showing us how to operate it. If you are indeed new to adjustable beds or have medical problems that prevent heavy lifting, ensure you have some spare hands to help with the setup.


  • Offers incredible user-friendliness for newbies.
  • Smooth and responsive controls.
  • Free delivery in the UK.


  • Initial purchase does not include headboard.

Anything else you should know?

People with weight issues and couples may be wondering how well the Imperial Opulence bed holds up under pressure. The entire system should do okay if you weight 18 stones or less. However, for heavier people, you can request the inclusion of a heavy duty motor that allows for a maximum weight limit of 22 stones.

While you will also have to cough up an extra amount to get the headboard included, it’s well worth it since it increases comfort. You may also have to invest in a better mattress since the included memory foam mattress tends to dip further and could cause users to slip off occasionally.


If you are tired of waking up sore and abused or just looking to relieve a myriad of medical issues, then the Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent choice. The fact that it incorporates a five fold system and a stronger motor makes it ideal for a broad range of uses.

The mattress is also a neat initial purchase, but users should be ready to buy another one after a while so as to maintain overall comfort. Overall, the Imperial Opulence Bed will work great as a single unit or double bed for couples.

Check our adjustable bed reviews if you’re still undecided and require more information.

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