Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed Review

Francesca Memory Adjustable Bed Review
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Contemporary styled, uniquely designed, easy to use and extremely well built, the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed is definitely worth its weight in gold. Granted that it might be a bit on the expensive side, it could be the only bed you will ever need in your lifetime.

I’m sure you’ve come across a few movies about the walking dead and all that sort of stuff. Well, what you haven’t heard yet is the new one titled, the Sleeping Dead. You know what I’m talking about; there are nights where your sleep is so deep, rich, undisturbed and super unnatural it’s like you’re in another world.

Now, you don’t have to gamble with your sleep thanks to the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed. Complete with a pressure relieving mattress, 5-part adjustable frame and more features than you could count with both hands, the Pod bed really promises a lot. But is this advanced piece of sleep technology worth such a high price tag? Let’s find out in this honest, balanced and detailed review.

Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed review

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What are you buying?

Globally renowned for its flair, unique styling, and quite the impressive craftsmanship, I think the good people of UK deserve to know a little bit more about Francesca. Like I always say, you have to know the brand to know the product.

Since the company’s initial stages, the search for the ultimate night’s sleep has been their driving force. From what was once a humble local mattress assembly, the brand has clawed its way to the top with their revolutionary mattress technology, choice of material for the base and luxuriously upholstered materials.

All these features stand out in their adjustable pod bed that we’re looking at today. The Memory Adjustable Pod Bed is among their contemporary bed range that incorporates all the flair, functionality, styling and luxury that we’ve all become used too.

Instead of using those old, traditionally styled slats, this bed’s innovative design features a tension and pain easing adjustable frame with several independent units for a unique sleep experience.

What this means is that users can fully adjust the head and back sections of the pod bed for great quality support. But while the manufacturer claims that the unique design adjusts to the natural contours of the spine, I had my reservations as a freakishly tall guy.

So while I personally won’t be using the maximum setting, I did enjoy the extra support and how relaxing the adjustable frame was. But it’s the mattress that really takes the cup on this one.

The Francesca Pod Bed comes with a high-quality memory foam mattress with Space Age Visco Elastic technology. Not only does this feature allow the mattress to instantly contour to your body shape, but it also relieves pressure and reduces the number of times your body needs to turn at night.

How easy is it to use?

As with any luxurious product, you can bet top pound that the manufacturer made it to be as user-friendly as possible; and the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed is no exception. This 3 ft single bed comes with a 5 part adjustable frame that moves through the different positions smoothly.

The last thing you want in your adjustable bed is jerky transitions. Fortunately, you won’t find any here thanks to the dual motor system that makes adjusting very simple. However, the base, motor, and frame are all designed to support a max weight of 130Kgs or 12 Stone.

So if you weigh more, you might think about asking for reinforcements or getting another bed altogether. Apart from the self-contouring, pressure-relieving mattress that is plush and comfortable, the manufacturer also includes a weight adjuster zone for more accurate operation.

And just in case there’s no power or your area has a blackout and you really need your good night’s sleep, the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to include a battery backup. However, some users have claimed that it drains pretty quickly with regular use. So try not to rely too much on the battery.

What accessories are included?

Once you make your purchase, you can expect the following items

  • 5 Part adjustable frame base bed pod
  • Space Age visco technology matress
  • 6 elegant and contemporary styled feet
  • Battery backup

It’s important to note that the headboard is not included in the purchase. But if you ordered for one while shopping, then it will be included in the delivery.


  • High quality, stylish design
  • Fully adjustable 5 part frame lets you cycle through many positions
  • Incredibly easy to use


  • Backup battery tends to drain pretty quick
  • Higher price

Anything else you should know?

This may not be entirely a trait of the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed, but I felt it was worth mentioning. After all, there’s no point telling you all about the best bed only for you to find out that you won’t be getting it after all.

Typically, the Francesca Pod Bed is among the best-selling products in online stores that is literally flying off the sites. So if you’re lucky enough to find even 2 of these left, make sure you grab them for you and your spouse.


Contemporary styled, uniquely designed, easy to use and extremely well built, the Francesca Memory Adjustable Pod Bed is definitely worth its weight in gold. Granted that it might be a bit on the expensive side, it could be the only bed you will ever need in your lifetime. Just remember to carry out some cleaning and maintenance practices once in a while to keep enjoying smooth transitions and efficient operation.

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