Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Review

Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Review
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The Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress has been made well enough that I trust it is going to last longer than its 5 year warranty. The zoned comfort feature is the most appealing. It promises to make your nights better and more comfortable. Try it.

The feature that immediately caught my attention when reviewing the Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam is the zoned structure. When lying on the mattress, you upper body, middle body and lower body are each treated to a specific comfort experience.

If you wake up in the morning with sore shoulders, an aching lower back and hips or tingly legs, your current mattress could be the problem and the Silent Night could be the solution. See its best features below.

Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress review

silentnight 3 zone memory foam mattress review

Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Mattress


What are you buying?

1. 3-Zone structure

silentnight 3-zone memory foam reviewThis is a one of a kind feature that greatly improves the sleeping experience. Most mattresses have the same firmness level from top to bottom. The firmness you feel on your shoulders is the same one you feel on your legs.

Different sections of your body have unique comfort needs. What is ideal for your upper back may not be comfortable for your hips or your legs.

This is why you might wake up with only your shoulders feeling sore or just your feet feeling tingly as if they have been pressing into something.

What the Silent Night does is assign a unique comfort level to different sections of your body. There are three comfort zones.

SOFT Zone 1 covers the top part of the mattress. This is where your head, shoulders and upper back lie. This section of your body requires soft support. The surface should be firm enough that it does not sink excessively but not too firm that your shoulders dig into the mattress.

The soft mattress zone contours around the angles of your upper body, preventing any pressure points. This is especially relieving if you have existing muscle or joint problems.

FIRMER Zone 2 covers the mid part of the mattress. This corresponds to your hips and lower back. The second zone is especially important for proper spinal alignment. It ensures you don’t wake up with an aching lower back.

To provide adequate support and alignment to the back and hips, this zone is firmer than the other two though is still soft enough to provide a plush hug around your middle section.

SOFT Zone 3 is the bottom part of the mattress. It corresponds to your lower body including your thighs, knees, legs and feet. Like the upper body, your lower body also needs soft support to ensure your knees and feet don’t press painfully into the mattress.

2. Contouring memory foam

The mattress uses a special type of memory foam called Miratex foam. It has the plush comfort and contouring support of traditional memory foam but with a slightly firmer and bouncier feel. The foam distributes your weight throughout the mattress, ensuring even support.

Additionally, it has been specially designed to transfer as little motion as possible. This is great news for couples sharing a bed.

3. Purotex treated

The mattress has been treated with Purotex probiotics. This is a type of treatment that uses natural bacteria to keep away allergens such as dust mites.

Purotex treatment also makes the mattress resistant to moisture. This keeps the mattress dry and fresh.

4. Quilted cover

At the very top of the mattress you will find a soft quilted fabric cover. It has a certain luxury plush feel to it. It is also breathable, ensuring it does not heat up your sleep.

How easy is it to maintain?

There is not much you need to do in terms of maintenance. The cover has a zipper so you can easily remove it for washing. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing to make sure you don’t damage the fabric. Other than that, you just need to set the mattress up on a strong foundation.


  • Zoned firmness levels for added comfort and support.
  • Stays cool.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Good edge support.


  • Has a bit of a factory smell for the first few days after opening.

Anything else you should know?

You may notice a certain unpleasant smell when you open the mattress. The smell is not dangerous. It caused by the fresh foam. But if it bothers you, leave the mattress upright in a well-ventilated room for a couple of days.

My view

I wish the warranty was longer (it’s only 5 years compared to the 10 years warranty of most mattresses). But the mattress has been made well enough that I trust it is going to last longer than that.

The zoned comfort feature is the most appealing. It promises to make your nights better and more comfortable. Try it.

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