How To Stop Beds From Squeaking?

There aren’t enough words for how irritating a squeaky bed is! You roll over to get more comfortable, then the springs’ noises keep you awake even more.

How to stop beds from squeaking? Let us count the ways! Luckily, there are a good few things you can do to stop your bed from squeaking and keeping you up.

How To Stop Beds From Squeaking

How to stop beds from squeaking

The reason why your bed is squeaking will depend somewhat on which type of bed it is – whatever the reason, you need to stop it, right?

Here are a few tips that you can try before you take your bed to the tip and invest in a new one:

  1. Check all the joints. A loose connection is one of the most common reasons for a squeaky bed, so make sure everything is as tight as it can be.
  2. Oil the frame. Your metal bed frame might be creaking if something is rubbing where it shouldn’t be – a drop of oil should be enough to lubricate it.
  3. Check the slats. Your bed’s slats may be rubbing up against the frame, or against each other, so make sure there is space between them and this may solve the problem.
  4. Add some cushioning. If it is the mattress itself that is squeaking against the bed, it may benefit from a little padding – use foam or ply board and see if this helps.
  5. Try floor padding. An uneven surface can make a bed frame squeak – try placing some cork, card or even a folded up towel to make the legs more even.
  6. Rotate the mattress. It may be that the mattress itself, not the bed, is the squeaky culprit – try turning it around and see if it helps.

Can You Stop A Wooden Bed From Squeaking?

Believe it or not, wooden bed frames can also squeak! Creakings and groanings are not limited to metal frames, sadly.

This annoying sound can be caused by friction, where one part is rubbing against another, or by loose fittings.

You can try applying wax to the bed frame where the squeak is coming from; this should lubricate it enough to stop the squeak.

Tightening up nuts and bolts is also a great idea to fix a squeak; it may be that part of the bed has become loose.

If your flooring is uneven, this can cause the bed frame to squeak – check that the surface is level before you decide to burn your bed frame on a bonfire.

It may be the mattress that is the culprit rather than the bed frame itself. If you suspect that this is the problem then you should either try moving the mattress around, or replace it.

Check the slats for damaged or broken ones. This is a common cause of a squeaky wooden bed, and it’s quite an easy fix to simply replace them.

Here’s a good video showing you some great tips for how to stop a wooden bed from squeaking:


Why Does My Bed Creak When I Move?

This irritating addition to your nighttime routine is almost certainly due to components in your bed rubbing together.

The friction caused by moving parts rubbing into each other can cause all sorts of annoying noises that can disturb your sleep!

If you’re anything like me, you like to move around a lot at night, and a squeaky bed can cause no end of wake ups.

A noisy bed is not only disruptive to your own sleep, but it can disturb other people in the house too.

The only thing to do is to check everything over, tighten anything that is loose and lubricate anything that is rubbing.

Put an end to a squeaky bed once and for all, and you will almost certainly find that the quality of your sleep improves immensely.

What Does A Squeaky Bed Mean?

A squeaky bed does not necessarily mean that you have to throw it away and get a new one!

Generally it means that some part of it is not lined up correctly, or that some parts of it need to be oiled or tightened.

If the bed is brand new, or you have spent hours tightening, oiling and maintaining, it could be more of a problem with your mattress than your bed.

Mattresses, especially the types with springs, can become worn out over time and provide less support than they once did.

If the mattress is starting to sag, it may be contacting parts of the bed that it hadn’t done previously, which can cause that irritating noise.

A squeaky bed is not something you should ignore (and if it’s a really bad squeak, chances are you won’t be able to ignore it!)

If you have checked the bed over thoroughly and it only squeaks when you put the mattress on it, it is definitely time to get a new mattress.

Which Bed Squeaks Least?

Most beds do have some sort of squeak at some point, whether it’s from the bed or the mattress. That being said, some types are less likely to squeak than others!

A solid wood bed is probably your best bet – these are strong and durable, and can be tightened to the point that they do not move or rub at all.

If you have a solid wood bed frame and you are still noticing a squeak, chances are it’s your mattress that’s the problem.

The bed that tends to make the most noise is one that has many different parts – frame, slats, springs – anything that can move and rub can cause a squeak.

Have a look into a solid wooden bed base, and invest in a shiny new mattress, and you should soon be enjoying the best and quietest night’s sleep you ever had!

Final Words

Having a good night’s sleep does often depend on having a quiet bed frame – too much loud squeaking and creaking will keep you awake!

Now that you know a bit more about what makes beds squeak, you can fix your irritating bed – or ditch it completely and buy a new one!

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