What Is The Best Non Squeaky Bed Frame On The UK Market?

If you’ve tried to find a non-squeaky bed frame without success, you are not alone in your frustrations.

It’s hard to find a frame that stays silent when you turn and toss at night and, most importantly, during sex.

The problem is usually the joints in the frame. If they are not solidly secured, they will move and squeak during sex or any other vigorous movement.

So before you spend money on another frame, check that your current one is tightly secured.

If it still squeaks, you need another more solidly built bed frame.

Another common problem is the headboard. If the joints are weak or lose and the bed moves along with you, the headboard will keep hitting the wall, giving away your activities to anyone in the next room.

The best solution for this is to mount the headboard on the wall rather than on the bed.

Or you can just buy a new non-squeaky bed frame. We have reviewed the best ones below.

But first, here’s what to check when buying a non-squeaky bed frame in the UK.

What to Consider When Buying a Non-Squeaky Bed Frame

a. Material

The two best materials for a non-squeaky bed are solid metal or solid wood.

Wood is generally better at staying silent. But make sure the frame is a solid wood material like pine, not plywood or MDF (though the slats can be made from plywood without affecting the bed’s stability and durability).

If you opt for a metal frame, make sure it is well built with good support and sturdy joints.

b. Support

Check what kind of support the bed frame offers.

In addition to the four basic legs, it should have more legs down the middle for centre support. This not only provides more support, it also keeps the bed from squeaking.

Some bed frames also incorporate a centre bar under the slats for added support and stability.

c. Easy to Assemble

You should be able to assemble the bed frame on your own using just basic tools.

Assembly mostly involves screwing various parts together. I highly recommend having an electric screwdriver. It makes the works so much easier and faster.

d. Storage Space

If you’d love a bed frame with underneath storage, check the clearance space before you buy. Most metal bed frames have enough clearance underneath for boxes and other stuff.

Solid wood frames tend to be lower with less clearance underneath.

Best Non-Squeaky Bed Frame Reviews

1. Aingoo Double Bed Frame Review

This frame has an all-metal built, making it less likely to squeak. It consists of 16 steel slats across the base with centre support to keep the bed stable.

Ten supporting legs easily hold up the weight of the mattress plus the sleepers without shaking or squeaking.

Just make sure you tighten everything properly when setting it up.

The simple modern design of the bed frame blends well into any décor. You also get plenty of storage space underneath the bed.

Assembly takes around half an hour. Everything you need is included and the setup instructions are very clear.

The bed frame is available in two sizes: a single (90 x 100cm) and double (135 x 190cm).

What we like about it:

  • Solid steel construction – no squeaking and highly durable.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Includes plenty of under-bed storage.

2. Nodax Solid Wooden Pine Bedframe Review

If you prefer a wooden bed frame, go for a solid wood frame like this one from Nodax. It’s made from pine, making it both sturdy and durable.

The slats are made from plywood and there are 18 of them, 6 more than the usual 12. The extra slats provide extra support and noise reduction.

For added stability, you can screw the slates to the bed frame. The slats come with pre-drilled holes so you just need to put in the screws.

The legs are thick and set low, which increases the frame’s stability and keeps the bed still. There are also two extra legs for centre support and a bar running under the slats.

The bed is lower than you probably expect. If you are looking for a bed with a lot of storage space underneath, this is not it.

The headboard is also quite low and can easily be hidden behind thick pillows.

Assembling the bed is easy. Everything is included and all you need is an electric screwdriver to screw the slats into the bed frame.

The bed frame is available in small double, double and King sizes. There are also several finish options including oak, walnut, pine and alder.

What we like about it:

  • Solid wood frame – non-squeaky, sturdy and durable.
  • Available in several finishes.
  • Easy to assemble.

3. Nodax Wooden Solid Pine Bedframe Review

If you prefer a wooden bedframe with a simpler design, this is a great choice. It’s also cheaper than the other Nodax bed we’ve reviewed above.

It has a similar solid pine build, guaranteeing years of support. It doesn’t make any noise nor does it shake.

In keeping with the bed’s simple design, there’s no headboard. Just a low frame with 18 plywood slats.

A central support bar under the slats provides extra stability. You can also screw the slats into the bedframe (there are pre-drilled holes) to make the bed sturdier.

Putting together the frame is super easy even if you are alone. The instructions included are very clear and easy to follow.

The frame is available in four sizes and four finishes (oak, walnut, pine and alder).

What we like about it:

  • Simple design but very sturdy.
  • Solid pine construction prevents squeaking and shaking.
  • Easy to assemble.

4. Mandy Metal Bed Frame Review

The Mandy metal bed frame has a beautiful Victorian style that goes great with any décor. It features gentle curved corners, ornate detailing and a sleek black finish.

You also get a beautiful headboard and foot end.

Beyond the aesthetics, this bed frame is solidly made. If you are hesitant about buying a metal bed because of the squeaking, it’s not an issue with this bed.

The sturdy steel construction keeps the bed from squeaking and rattling.

A sprung slatted base adds comfort and support without any embarrassing noises.

Setting up the bed takes some elbow grease but it’s something you can handle alone. It mostly involves screwing parts together.

Use the included instructions to make sure you use the right screws in the right areas.

The bed is available in single, small double and double sizes. All three sizes have about 30cm of clearance underneath, providing plenty of storage space.

What we like about it:

  • Beautiful design and finish.
  • Solid and sturdy support – no squeaks.
  • Includes storage space underneath.
  • Fairly easy to assemble.

5. Coavas Metal Bed Frame Review

The Coavas metal bed frame is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable non-squeaky bed frame.

With 10 legs, including 4 down the middle, the bed provides plenty of support. Everything, including the slats, is constructed from solid steel.

According to the manufacturer, the mattress can support up to 300lbs.

To keep the bed from squeaking and shaking, make sure you assemble it properly. Check the instructions before you start and ensure each part goes where it’s supposed to be.

The manufacturer also recommends tightening the screws and bolts every three months to keep the bed stable and noise-free.

In terms of aesthetics, the bed features a simple industrial style. It goes well with any décor.

It also includes a built in headboard and foot end.

The Coavas bed frame is available in a single and double size.

What we like about it:

  • Solid steel construction ensures no squeaks.
  • 10 legs for extra support and durability.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Includes storage space underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to stop a metal bed frame from squeaking?

This is one of those irritating things that can really interfere with a good night’s sleep; when your bed squeaks every time you roll over it can jolt you out of slumber! Let’s look at ways to help you sleep better:

  • Tighten the parts between all your bed frame joints. Squeaking is caused when metal parts rub against each other, so if they aren’t moving then the squeaking should stop.
  • Oil the joints. If you lubricate the bed frame joints, you should notice an instant reduction in irritating noises.
  • Use insulating tape. If you have tried the above and still notice squeaking, you can try putting some soft insulation tape around the joints that are making the noise to help reduce the rubbing.
  • Check your floor. The bed may be squeaking because it is on an uneven surface, so you can try moving it about, or even placing some folded cardboard under a leg or two to make the area more uniform.
  • Make sure there are no broken slats. A broken slat can change the balance of the whole bed, so check under the mattress to make sure that there is nothing broken.
  • Check the mattress. If you have checked the entire bed and have found no problems, but you have a sprung mattress, a broken spring may be the culprit.

2. How to fix bed frame slats?

First, measure the inner width of your bed frame, from the centre beam to the edge, to see how long you need the slats to be.

Next, take a length of 1×4 wooden board, and cut the chosen length. Repeat this step to create another slat of the same length. (If you are replacing more than one slat then you can repeat this step as many times as you need slats.)

If you are no good with a hand saw then you can take your timber to a DIY store and they will happily cut it for you.

Place one of your new slats on the left hand side of the centre beam, and the other on the right. Make sure they are lined up!

Using a power drill, secure the slats to the inner wooden edge of the bed frame.

This is a simple, easy fix to make your bed more comfortable and to ensure that it lasts longer and give you a great night’s sleep for years to come.

3. How to make your own bed frame?

You may be trying to sleep in an odd shaped room in which you can’t fit a standard bed, so you meed to make your own. Or, you might just fancy making your own bed from scratch!

A bed is a simple structure – just a headboard, a footboard, a rail each side, and slats that span across the rails to support the mattress. A bed just needs four “feet” attached to a frame of sturdy wood with slats down the middle to support a mattress

Start by building the basic frame. Measure the space you have to put your bed in, and make sure your bed plan will fit with this. The beauty of making your own bed frame is that you can pretty much make it to fit the space that you have!

Once you’ve worked out the size you want your bed to be and made the basic frame, add a sturdy piece of wood down the middle to support the slats and the mattress.

Add the slats to either side of the middle strut, and screw them down using a hand drill.

You can make a bed frame out of just about anything; whether wood from a DIY store or old pallets you have lying around. Now you know the basics you can experiment and make the best bed frame that you possibly can!

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