How To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is well-known for being comfy. Unfortunately, it is also well-known for becoming saggy and thin with the passage of time. Of course, sagging can happen to any mattress if you just sleep on it nightly and never turn it or rotate it, but the nature of memory foam makes it very easy for this to happen very quickly. What can you do?

In this article, we will provide tips for preventing and dealing with sag in a memory foam mattress. Read on to learn more.

You want a little sag!

A little bit of compression (up to two centimeters) can be a good thing, and after all with memory foam it’s more a feature than a glitch. The memory aspect of this foam is dependent on the fact that it will “sag” in a controlled manner to conform to the contours of your body. Unfortunately, over time this can result in a mattress that is compressed and thin in the very areas where you want comfort and softness.

This is “mattress dipping”, and it usually happens in the “reflex layer” of the mattress. It may be caused by excessive pressure or simply long-term wear and tear. Naturally, it is more likely that you will experience this crater effect if you purchase a mattress that is made of a lower quality foam. That’s why it pays to think of your mattress as an investment.

Can you fix memory foam mattress sag?

Unfortunately, if your mattress has dipped there’s not really a way to fix it, but there are a few things you can do to cope.

1. Pad the sag with pillows.

Determine the size of the sag and select a few fiber-filled pillows to help pad it. Using several smaller pillows is usually better than using one big one because you can move them around to get the right effect. Place the pillows underneath the mattress so that they will stay in place while you sleep. Remember to turn the mattress and fluff up the pillows as needed to stay comfortable.

2. Replace the plywood or cardboard support.

Look underneath your mattress and you may see a thick cardboard or plywood support bed. If it is saggy, your mattress will naturally be saggy. You can solve this problem by having a sheet of plywood cut to fit perfectly under your mattress to provide new support. You may still have thin, saggy places in the mattress, but you can fill those in with pillows.

3. Add a mattress topper.

Start out using a mattress topper before your memory foam mattress ever gets saggy. This will help distribute your weight more evenly to prevent sagging. It also adds an extra layer of comfort. Many people complain that memory foam is hot to sleep on and tends to cling and make sleepers feel claustrophobic. Adding a natural fiber topper over memory foam can solve this problem and help preserve the integrity of your mattress.

How to prevent memory foam mattress sag

1. Choose wisely! Begin by choosing the right mattress. Be realistic about the amount of weight you expect the mattress to support. Buy the best quality of memory foam you can afford to ensure longer wear.

2. Combine materials. Go for a combination of memory foam and more durable materials. A hybrid of memory foam and latex foam or a combination of memory foam and a standard mattress will last longer than memory foam alone.

3. Use a memory foam mattress topper instead of a memory foam mattress. If you like the feel of memory foam but don’t want the cost of replacing a saggy memory foam mattress every few years, invest in a standard mattress and box springs and use a memory foam mattress topper. This will still wear out after a while, but it will be much less costly to replace than a memory foam mattress.

Take care of your purchases

No matter what kind of bed you choose, regular care and maintenance will extend its life and help you get more for your money. Maintain your mattress and your topper of any kind by turning and rotating them once a month. This will change the wear pattern and helps your bedding last longer. Avoid purchasing a “one-sided” mattress as it cannot be turned. A traditional double-sided mattress may cost more, but it will also last much longer.

How to fix a sagging mattress

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