What Is The Best Latex Pillow On The UK Market?

A latex pillow is a great choice if you don’t like the feel of memory foam or fibrefill pillows. It’s also a good choice for those who are looking for a pillow that’s a bit firm, responsive and sleeps cool.

Like any other pillow, latex pillows come in different styles, sizes and materials. You can get an extra-firm or soft pillow, a shredded latex or solid latex pillow, a high or low loft pillow and so on.

The most important thing to consider is your sleeping position. The right pillow should support your head and neck to provide proper alignment with your spine.

This prevents neck pain and back problems.

In this buying guide, we review the best latex pillows that are available to buy online in the UK. Our top picks are based on factors like comfort, material and customer feedback.

But first, here’s how to pick a latex pillow that’s just right for you.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Latex Pillow

a. Fill

The first thing to check is the pillow filling as that largely defines the comfort and feel of the pillow.

Of course, the inside will be latex. But there are different types of latex.

Premium latex pillows use all-natural or organic latex. It’s hypoallergenic and offers natural antibacterial protection.

If you are concerned about exposure to chemicals, go for a natural or organic latex pillow.

If you are looking for something cheaper, get a blended latex pillow. It consists of natural and synthetic latex.

Something else to consider is whether you’d like a shredded latex pillow. This is a pillow containing shredded pieces of latex foam rather than one solid piece of foam.

A shredded latex foam hugs your neck and head more effectively. It’s a good choice for those who want a latex pillow that feels a bit like a memory foam pillow.

If you sleep hot, look for a latex pillow with micro holes.

Latex foam already sleeps cool; a pillow with holes sleeps even cooler. It’s helpful if you have hot flashes or night sweats.

The holes increase breathability and heat dissipation.

b. Cover

Next, consider the kind of cover the pillow comes with.

This is an easy one; a cotton cover is the best one for most people. Luckily, most pillows have a cotton cover, usually made from organic cotton.

Cotton is soft, comfortable and breathable. It easily absorbs sweat and dissipates excess heat.

Other cover options include bamboo, Tencell and polyester.

c. Loft

Loft refers to the height of the mattress. This one is very important for comfort and to avoid neck pain.

The ideal loft depends on your sleeping position and body physique.

  • Back sleepers: You need a pillow with a medium loft. That is, it’s neither too high nor too low – around 3-5 inches thick. It holds your head and neck in just the right position for proper alignment.
  • Side sleepers: Because your head is raised higher in this sleeping position, look for a pillow with a medium to high loft – anywhere between 3 to 7 inches or more. The specific loft depends on how wide your shoulders are.
  • Stomach sleepers: Get a thin flat pillow to prevent your neck from being pushed upwards too far – a thickness of 3 inches or less will do. In fact, some side sleepers find it more comfortable to sleep without a pillow.
  • Combo sleepers: If you constantly change your sleeping position while you sleep, get a medium-loft pillow. It’s the best compromise for all sleeping positions.

Also consider your physique. Wide shoulders and a bigger head call for a higher pillow.

d. Firmness

Latex pillows don’t have the plush feel associated with memory foam pillows. They generally range between medium firm and firm.

Stomach sleepers need a firm pillow with very little hug. For back and side sleepers, we recommend a medium firm latex pillow that provides some contouring.

e. Flat vs. Contoured

Finally, decide whether a contoured or cervical pillow would be more comfortable to a traditional flat or curved pillow.

A cervical pillow is designed to provide better neck and head support. It has raised edges to support your neck and a groove in the middle for your head.

A cervical pillow is best for side and back sleepers who have neck pain. But you can use it even if you don’t have any neck problems.

A note on maintenance and cleaning: Never wash a latex pillow. It will break down and experience permanent damage. Only wash the removable cover as per the manufacturer’s instructions.   

Reviews of the Best Latex Pillows

1. Dunlopillo Super Comfort Full Latex Pillow Firm

The Dunlopillo Super Comfort is a natural latex pillow with a medium-firm to firm feel.

Its high loft makes it a good choice for back and side sleepers, especially those with a bigger body and wide shoulders.

The pillow is made from Talalay latex, which is better quality than the cheaper Dunlop latex.

The latex foam feels firm but bouncy. But it’s not too firm that it feels like a rock. You’ll still feel a bit of a hug around your head and neck.

Being a latex pillow, it’s already naturally cool. To enhance cooling, the Dunlopillo Super Comfort comes with a breathable design that improves ventilation.

You never feel stuffy or sweaty.

Something else you’ll love about the Super Comfort pillow is the lack of smell. That’s because it is natural latex.

Unlike synthetic latex and memory foam pillows, you don’t have to air it before sleeping on it. If you sense any odour, it’s very mild and goes away quickly.

The pillow comes in just one size: 40 by 68cm.

It’s wrapped in a soft knitted cover that you can remove and wash.

What we like about it:

  • Very comfortable for side and back sleepers.
  • Made of natural latex – no smells, hypoallergenic and no chemicals.
  • Very breathable – sleeps cool and sweat-free.

2. Marcapiuma Set of 2 Natural Latex Pillows

This pack may seem pricey at first but for two pillows, it’s actually a bargain. Get this set if you are a couple looking for new pillows or you want a spare pillow for your guest bed.

These are medium-loft pillows with a height of 4.7” (12cm). They are best for side, back and combo sleepers.

Bigger-bodied stomach sleepers may also find them comfortable.

The most noticeable feature of these Italian-made pillows is the series of pores on the surface. These are for ventilation.

They improve the pillow’s breathability, allowing heat and sweat to dissipate quickly.

If you have night sweats or you sleep hot, this is the best natural latex pillow. It feels cool no matter the weather or season.

The natural latex provides protection against dust mites, bacteria and various allergens.

It doesn’t have a chemical smell that’s common with new memory foam mattresses.

In terms of feel, the Marcapiuma pillows have a medium to firm feel. They are also responsive (bouncy), which helps if you turn and toss a lot at night.

Each pillow measures 42cm by 72cm.

Each comes with a stretch Jersey cover that is removable and washable.

What we like about it:

  • Great value – a pack of two at a reasonable price.
  • Comfortable and supportive for back and side sleepers.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Made from natural latex – no smells or chemicals.

3. UUQ Latex Pillow

We recommend the UUQ Latex Pillow if you have shoulder or neck pain. This pillow provides the best neck and shoulder support thanks to its contoured orthopaedic design.

It will also help if your pillow causes back pain.

The raised edges support your neck at the right height, ensuring it’s properly aligned to your spine. The sunken middle supports and contours your neck.

The UUQ latex pillow works great for side and back sleepers. It’s not for stomach sleepers.

The pillow is made from premium Talalay latex. It feels firm and springy but not rock hard. It provides just the right amount of hug to protect your neck from pressure.

The latex is non-deforming. After a night’s sleep, it bounces back to its original shape. Even after years of use, it doesn’t sag or deform.

The manufacturer stands behind the pillow with a lifetime warranty – it’s that durable.

The UUQ pillow sleeps cool and has natural anti-bacterial properties. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites.

The pillow measures 58cm by 40cm. It’s 12cm (4.7”) thick along the edges and 10cm (3.9”) thick at the centre.

The cover is made from soft breathable cotton and you can remove it for washing.

What we like about it:

  • Made from high quality Thailand Talalay latex.
  • Contoured design helps with shoulder and neck pain.
  • No smells.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

4. Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Full Latex Slim Pillow

If you are a stomach sleeper, the Dunlopillo Super Comfort is a bit too high for your comfort. We recommend the Serenity Deluxe instead.

It is a slim profile latex pillow that works great for side sleepers. Some stomach and combo sleepers will also find it comfortable.

It feels softer than the Super Comfort. It has a soft to medium feel. If you love a soft pillow that conforms to your head and neck, the Serenity Deluxe is a great choice.

With a 5-year guarantee, you can be sure the pillow can easily withstand years of use. The latex does not deform or degrade.

Just make sure never to wash the pillow.

Only clean the removable cotton cover.

The pillow measures 44cm by 70cm.

It has a loft of 11cm (4.3”).

What we like about it:

  • Great for side sleepers.
  • Ideal for those who love a softer pillow with a deeper hug.
  • Long lasting – comes with a 5-year warranty.

5. Yanis Latex Plus Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow

While Dunlop latex lacks the premium quality of Talalay latex, it’s a good choice for those who want a firm pillow.

The Yanis latex is firm and high (5.5”/14cm loft), making it ideal for side and back sleepers, especially those with wide shoulders.

But it’s not rock hard. It has that soft springy feel common with latex mattresses. So you still get a nice comfortable hug around your head and neck.

As soon as you lift your head, it springs back into shape.

Most customers bought the Yanis as a replacement for their old Dunlopillo. It’s comparable in feel and comfort to the Super Comfort pillow.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Dunlopillo, we recommend Yanis.

The Dunlop latex is 100% natural. There are no chemicals or synthetic latex blended in. That means no smells.

The natural latex is also anti-bacterial and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mite.

It comes with a soft cotton cover that’s removable and washable.

Dimensions are 40cm by 65cm.

What we like about it:

  • An affordable high quality natural latex pillow.
  • Comfortable for most side and back sleepers.
  • Sleeps cool.
  • Offers anti-bacterial and anti-allergen protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wash a latex pillow?

Latex cannot go in the washing machine, as the high temperatures and fast drying can affect the structure. They need to be hand washed using laundry powder and warm water for best effect.

Place the pillow into a bathtub or large container, and pour over your soapy liquid.

Squeeze the pillow gently until you see soap swirling in the water, the leave it to soak for a few minutes, and squeeze it again a few times.

Empty out the water, then run clear water over the pillow and gently squeeze it again. Empty out the water again, then run more water over the pillow. Repeat this again until the water runs clear.

Press the excess water from the pillow, then leave it to dry on top of a towel, in the sun or in front of a fan.

2. How to cut latex foam pillow?

It is simple to cut a latex pillow down to a size that is comfortable to you, and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to do so – just an electric knife, two tables, and a little lubricating spray.

  • Mark out on the pillow where you want to cut it before you start, so you don’t cut off too much or not enough.
  • Place the two tables of the same height alongside each other, with around a 5 inch gap between them.
  • Lay the pillow between the two tables, with the marked line over the gap between them.
  • Lubricate both sides of your cutting blade with silicone spray, to allow for a smooth and easy cut.
  • Lay the knife on the line you have marked, turn on the blade and slowly start to cut towards you.
  • Do not pull on the latex or you will end up with an uneven line, and if you find that you need to change position slightly, turn off the blade before you do so. This means that you will not end up snagging the material.
  • Once you reach the end of the line and your cut is finished, you may end up with a little pile of latex shavings that will need to be swept up.
  • If there are any uneven areas (and if you follow the instructions there sholdn’’t be!) then you can just repeat the procedure for the extra bit that you need to remove to make it straight.

3. Where can I buy a latex pillow?

There are a great many bed supplies shops that you can go into, where you can actually touch, feel and look at your new latex pillow.

You should be able to find one of these shops in your nearest large town, where you can talk to someone and get advice on the best latex pillow there is. If you already know what you want, then you can just hop online and choose the best latex pillow out there.

This method also has the advantage of offering discount codes and all sorts of money off, to help you find your new pillow for less than you would on the high street!


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