How To Choose The Best Anti Snoring Chin Strap?

An anti snoring chin strap works by pushing the lower jaw forward and keeping your mouth closed during sleep.

Holding the jaw in a forward position prevents the soft palate and the base of your tongue from falling on the back of your throat, which causes snoring.

Keeping your mouth closed stops you from breathing through your mouth, which causes snoring in some people.

A chin strap is also great for people who wake up with a dry mouth because they breathe through their mouth at night.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best anti snoring chin straps you can buy online in the UK. We also explain how well they work and what to look for when shopping for one.

Do Anti Snoring Chin Straps Work?

Similar to just about every other snoring aid we’ve reviewed, anti snoring chin straps are hit and miss. They work for some people, but have zero anti snoring effect for others. Some people actually snore louder with a chin strap on.

There are two main reasons anti snoring chin straps don’t always work.

One, not everyone’s snoring problem is caused by sleeping with their mouth open. So even if a chin strap works as it should, you may still snore.

That’s why we recommend seeing a sleep physician first to diagnose the cause of your snoring. If your snoring is caused by nasal congestion or you have sleep apnoea, a chin strap will not help. A chin strap is also useless for people who snore through their nose.

Two, it’s hard to find a good quality chin strap that works. Most are uncomfortable or simply fail at their job of keeping your jaw closed.

An anti snoring chin strap works best if you snore because the soft tissue in your throat blocks your airway and vibrates when you sleep on your back.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Anti Snoring Chin Strap

A. Effectiveness

Before buying a chin strap, make sure that it’s what you need to stop snoring. Depending on your situation, other snoring aids such as a nasal spray, throat spray or anti snoring pillow might be more effective.

Also, check that the chin strap works as advertised. A good strap should push your jaw forward while keeping it closed.

B. Comfortable

A comfortable chin strap is easier to keep on through the night. The strap should be snug enough to keep your mouth closed, but not too tight that it hurts your jaw or head.

The strap material should be soft and breathable to ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin or cause sweating.

Note: Whichever anti snoring strap you get, it’ll likely feel uncomfortable for the first couple of nights. It may take a few nights to get used to it.

C. Adjustable

Get an anti snoring chin strap with an adjustable closure system. This allows you to adjust the strap to your specific face and head physique.

You can adjust the strap to make it more comfortable or to make it more effective at keeping your mouth closed.

Best Anti Snoring Chin Straps: Top 4 Reviews

1. WagiSleep Anti Snoring Chin Strap

The WagiSleep anti snoring chin strap features a wide band that goes under the jaw to keep it closed and pushed forward.

The wide band is also more comfortable since it doesn’t dig into your skin.

A velcro closure secures the strap behind your head. You can adjust the velcro to make the strap tighter or looser.

The strap fabric is soft and breathable. Once you get used to the feeling of a strap on your face, it’s comfortable to keep it on through the night.

What we like about it:

  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Reduces snoring and prevents dry mouth.

2. Donier Stop Snoring Chin Strap

The Donier chin strap is designed to fit everyone. The wide jaw band fits easily under your mouth, holding your jaw closed and pushing it forward at the same time.

You can adjust the velcro closure to get a better fit or make the strap more comfortable.

The strap is made with a soft anti-scratch and breathable fabric. It is comfortable enough to wear the whole night.

Whether it stops snoring will depend on the particular cause of your snoring. Some people found it stopped their partners from snoring, while others only experienced a reduction in snoring frequency and volume.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Comfortable fabric.

3. Muttiy Anti Snoring Chin Strap

The Muttiy anti snoring chin strap has a better, more effective design compared to most chin strap.

Instead of a single strap that goes over the top of your head, it has two straps. One strap goes over the top of your head and the other around the back of your head.

This is much more effective at closing your jaw and keeping it held forward. It’s also more comfortable since pressure is distributed across a wide area of your head.

The velcro bands are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.

The Muttiy anti snoring chin strap is made with a soft, breathable, and anti-scratch fabric. The edges are finely sewn to reduce irritation (some chins traps have rough seams that dig into your skin).

What we like about it:

  • Better than most other chin straps at reducing snoring.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable fit.

4. Breathable Stop Snoring Chin Strap

If you sweat easily or you get hot while in bed, we recommend this extra-breathable anti snoring chin strap.

The soft fabric is perforated throughout, ensuring your skin stays cool and sweat-free.

The strap is secured using two bands on your head. One at the top of your head and the other around the back of your head. This two-band design improves fit, comfort and jaw positioning.

Of course, the bands are adjustable to fit different head sizes.

What we like about it:

  • Very breathable.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric.
  • Adjustable.
  • Two-band design that works better at reducing snoring.

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