Smart Storage Ideas For Bedrooms

You can get a surprising amount of storage space out of an even tiny bedroom without making the space feel cluttered or stuffy.

You just have to be a bit creative and make use of space that you would normally ignore.

Combine some DIY ideas with a few organisational products and you have yourself plenty of storage for bulky items like blankets and duvets as well as smaller stuff like clothes and shoes.

Here are some storage ideas for bedrooms to get you started.

Buy an Ottoman or Divan bed

Ottoman and Divan beds have storage underneath the base.

In the case of an Ottoman bed you lift the base using pistons to access the storage. Divan beds usually consist of pull out drawers rather than a liftable base.

These beds are especially great for small bedrooms where there is no space to put up any extra storage on the floor or walls.

An ottoman bed is the best if you want storage for large and bulky items like bedding and winter wear. That’s because ottoman beds usually have a continuous storage space that is not divided into compartments.

If you need better organisation for your shoes, books and other small items, a Divan bed is the best.

Storage bench

If you don’t want to replace your bed with an ottoman or divan bed, a storage bench is also a great storage space especially for things like pillows and blankets.

The top is soft and plush for sitting but can be lifted to reveal a deep cubbyhole underneath.

If you don’t have space for a bench, consider buying a storage box that’s also a seat. It’s not quite as spacious as a bench but you still get enough space to stuff a bulky duvet or several stuffed toys.

Clothing and Shoe rack

You don’t have to buy a closet that takes up half the space in your bedroom. A simple rack that you can hang your clothes on and has a platform for your shoes is enough.

One advantage of a simple rack is that it forces you to let go of what you don’t need. You can’t afford to hoard unnecessary clothes that you don’t wear.

If you already have a closet and your problem is too many shoes on the floor, just get a shoe rack.

Go under the bed

Under the bed is an obvious storage space but too often it’s reserved for junk that we are too lazy to bend down and pick up.

Make better use of this space by storing your stuff in boxes and then sliding them under the bed.

Make sure the boxes are easy to pull out without having to bend too far. It’s also a good idea to label what each box carries. It will make retrieving items easier.

Use wooden pegs for scarves

Smaller items like tights, scarves and hats can clutter up your bedroom. If you don’t want to stuff them into boxes where they might be hard to access, hang them on the wall using wooden pegs.

The pegs add some rustic décor to the space while providing some much needed storage space.

All you need to do is glue pegs in a neat line on the wall or on the side of your closet.

Just make sure to use an adhesive that comes off easily without leaving stains or damaging the wall.

Hanging and floating shelves

If you don’t have enough space on the floor for a cabinet or closet, take advantage of the bare space on the walls.

Hanging shelves are a great way to add storage for shoes, jewellery and other small items.

If you want something that can support more items, get floating shelves. You just need to drill them into the wall. You can then store picture frames, your makeup items and gadgets.

Storage organiser for gadgets

If gadgets are beginning to pile up on your bedside, get a handy gadget organiser. It allows you to store your smartphone, tablet and other devices neatly.

Some organisers even allow you to charge your devices while they are stored.

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