The Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review
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The Simba Hybrid Mattress is comfortable, durable, sleek and not to shabby on the eyes either. If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress with above average response time and winning comfort levels, then this is it right here.

Looking to up your sleeping game once and for all? Claimed by many to be the most advanced mattress on the planet, the Simba Hybrid Mattress uses every available sleeping technology to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience. This 25 cm mattress incorporates latex, memory foam, pocket springs and poly foam to create a winning combination.

But does this hybrid mattress stack up to its reputation? Let’s find out.

Simba mattress review


If you’re like me, then you’re constantly updating your mattress to the next best thing. Problem is, they’re always releasing something new after every few months. Lucky for you, I’ve gone through a list of the best ones and will be reviewing only the ones that are worth it.

And today, it’s all about sleeping with the best of them (yes, I know how it sounds). Simba may be a new company, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves – especially with their incredibly advanced mattress.

What are you buying?

As explained above, the mattress uses five different layers or components to make up 25 cm thickness. The top layer comprises of a hypoallergenic sleep surface cover that is not only allergy-friendly, but also optimises ventilation of the air for cooler nights.

simba mattress reviewThe second layer comprises of a unique, synthetic Simbatex latex foam designed to provide most of the comfort, cooling, and bounce for the mattress.

Just when you though things couldn’t get any more comfortable, Simba went ahead and added a layer of 2500 pocket springs. This thin layer of microcoils works by adding bounce and response to the mattress for optimal sleep and dynamic awakening.

Almost there now; the fourth layer comprises of viscoelastic memory foam that adapts and contours to your morphology. This layer allows for a softer transition in addition to the support and deep compression.

The final layer is the high density foam foundation that acts as the base and provides the shape for the mattress. This base comes with 7 support areas for your head, shoulders, back, buttocks, lumbar, legs and thighs. Of course, all these components do make the Simba Hybrid Mattress bulky and quite heavy.

How easy is it to maintain?

Simba made sure that their product was as user friendly as possible straight from the box. While it is a tad heavy, the mattress ships in a very compact box that can actually be handled and manoeuvred by one person.

Once you have the box in the bedroom, all you have to do is cut it open and watch the mattress rise on is own. The process only takes a couple of minutes to resume its original shape, but I noticed that the mattress gets firmer overtime as it fully decompresses.

Another thing I liked about the hybrid mattress is the fact that it is absolutely safe for everyone. That’s because all foams have received the CertiPUR safety label which means they meet the requirements of unwanted chemicals in foams.

Likewise, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is engineered to fit snugly on almost all bases available. As long as the slats are evenly spaced on your base, you are guaranteed of a smooth and even sleeping surface. Still, I’d recommend using a flat platform or divan base to get the most support and retain even mattress structure.

But what really impressed me was that the mattress remains user friendly even after setting it up. Thanks to the unique combination of memory foam, latex and conical springs, two people with different sleeping patterns can still enjoy a great night’s sleep without getting interrupted by the other’s movements.

And thanks to the open cell structure and naturally cooling soybean balm Simbatex layer, you can say goodbye to waking up all hot and sweaty.

But while some may enjoy the mattress, there’s always the chance that others will find it too hard or too soft. The good news is that you can always return your mattress for a full refund if you’re not happy since Simba offers a 100 night trial.


  • High quality, unique combination of materials
  • Unmatched comfort and response
  • Fits almost every type of base or platform
  • Sturdy foundation base with 7 support zones


  • Slight chemical smell that passes in a few days
  • Be prepared to shell out a pretty pound for the mattress

Anything else you should know?

As much as we all love hearing about technology and winning combinations, there’s only one factor that most of us consider when buying a mattress – how firm or plush it is. The Simba Hybrid Mattress scores a medium on the firmness scale so as to meet a vast majority of the users needs.

I was able to apply plenty of pressure and get a decent level of sinkage without creating pressure points. And unlike traditional foam mattresses that hug you with a deep, pronounced level of sinkage, the Simba Hybrid Mattress creates a more rounded contour with moderate sinkage.

For those who like to sleep or sit on the edge of the bed, there’s plenty of support around the perimeter to prevent collapsing of the edges.

My view

There you have it readers, everything you could possibly need to know about the most advanced mattress is right here. The Simba Hybrid Mattress is comfortable, durable, sleek and not to shabby on the eyes either.

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress with above average response time and winning comfort levels, then this is it right here. It comes in all sizes, fits all bases, is safe for everyone and comes with 100 day trial period; what more could you ask for?

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