Plants In Bedroom Feng Shui

Having plants in the bedroom might seem like an obviously good thing. After all, they are pretty and add life.

But what you think makes your bedroom a Zen place may actually be keeping you from sleeping well.

Plants go against good bedroom Feng Shui

Your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. It should calm you down, helping you sleep quickly and deeply. In other words, it should have a Yin energy.

Plants are associated with Yang energy, the complete opposite. This is an energetic, active and fast growing energy – the opposite of what you want in the bedroom.

For this reason, many feng shui experts do not recommend having any kind of plants in your bedroom. They will prevent you from calming down and sleeping well.

If you really want a potted plant in the bedroom, there are two ways to do it without having bad feng shui.

One, get small plants. They will not impact your bedroom’s energy as much as large plants.

The second option – and this applies only if your bedroom is large – is to put the plants at the corner far away from the main sleeping space.

This way, your sleeping area retains its calming energy.

Is it safe to have plants in the bedroom?

There’s some concern that because plants produce some carbon dioxide at night, they could affect your health.

But you would have to plant a forest in your bedroom to suffocate.

Plants release very small amounts of CO2 and it diffuses into the air quickly. Potted plants in the bedroom are safe as far as your health goes.

However, you may find that your sleep is more restless than usual especially if there is poor air circulation in the room.

That’s because your breathing pattern changes in response to increased CO2 levels in your blood.

If you must have plants in the bedroom, make sure air circulation is good to maintain a good amount of oxygen in the air.

I also recommend using plants that absorb C02 and release oxygen at night. They include Neem tree, snake plant, Aloe Vera and orchids.

How to Feng Shui your bedroom (without using plants)

If you want an earthy energy in your bedroom, there are ways to do it without using plants.

You can use earthy colours like brown, tan and ochre.

Having organic bedding, plant art, decorative river rocks or even a pink salt lamp can give you the Mother Nature connection without affecting your sleep quality.

Here are some more tips to add good energy to your bedroom.

  • Make sure there’s good air quality. Open the windows to let in fresh air or use a HEPA air purifier. This is not just good for Feng Shui, it’s also good for your health. It removes mould, dust, pollen and other allergens from indoor air.
  • Check that the bed is easily accessible from both sides. Having a bedside table on each side also creates a nice relaxing balance.
  • Avoid having any equipment and gadgets in the bedroom including laptops, smartphones and exercise equipment.
  • Do not leave any clothes on the floor or hanging behind the door. It’s also good idea to keep the dresser out of the bedroom. A walk in closet is better.
  • Use relaxing earthy colours as much as you can. These include cream, pale white and brown. They promote restorative sleep.
  • Avoid harsh lighting in the bedroom. Use a dimmer to adjust lighting when you go to sleep.
  • Use eco-friendly materials in your bedding (organic or natural), decorations and furniture, including bed frames.
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom especially if it is in a direct line of sight from the bed. If you already have one and cannot remove it, cover it with something. It makes the space so much quieter and more relaxing.

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