How To Sleep Without Weed

Many people usually find it hard to get to sleep after they quit weed for the first time. This is because they have consumed it for a long time and simply can’t doze off without marijuana in their life. If left untreated, this problem will be a real threat to their health and daily life. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be your problem forever, and you can still fall asleep without weed if you know what to do.

Why can’t you sleep without weed?

The main reason why you have trouble sleeping at night even after quitting the use of marijuana regularly is the fact that weed has been responsible for placing your mind in a sleeping state for a long time. This means you have not achieved natural periods of sleep.

The sleeping process typically involves a stage of clearing the mind, and this is almost impossible to reach for those who have recently ceased the habit of smoking weed. Without weed, your mind might race and you would find it challenging just to stop thinking about anything that is happening in your daily life. As a result, you can’t sleep well at night.

How to sleep without weed

The key to having a better sleep after quitting weed is a balanced combination of regular exercises, steady sleeping schedule, and a healthy diet. Here are 5 things that many ex-smokers have applied successfully to have nice dreams again.

1. Create a comfortable sleeping space

The first and foremost important thing is to create a comfortable feel in your bedroom. Make sure there is nothing make you feel irritated or annoyed before or during a sleep. For example, a messy room, a dirty bed, or terrible smells might ruin your attempt to compensate for the days of smoking. So it is always better to keep your sleeping space as clean, tidy, and cozy as possible.

2 Have meals at regular times

Though you don’t have an appetite after quitting weed, it is advisable to eat at regular times during the day. This means having a standard schedule with three meals to help your body recover. More importantly, it also makes you feel more relaxed and reduces stress. Keep in mind to stay away from anything containing stimulants such as coffee or green tea as they can make it harder to sleep.

3. Don’t stimulate your brain before sleeping

Superfluous mental stimulation might be a bed threat to your sleeping routine. Therefore, you need to avoid watching TV or doing extremely physical before going to bed. Instead, do something more relaxing like reading a book or stretching your body.

Don’t forget to stay away from excess light coming from tech-based devices such as laptops or computers because it can raise your levels of stress. By keeping the surrounding area dark, your mind would start to be less stressed, thus helping you sleep easier and better.

What you can try though is to buy a pair of good sleep earphones.

4. Work out

You should often work out to improve your mind and body, which will eventually make you feel energized. This especially works when you perform early in the morning because you can feel active for the whole day and will be able to have a better sleep at night. That is the reason why many experts often recommend working out as an effective and quick solution for those people who cannot sleep without smoking weed.

5. Avoid stimulants and other harmful substances

After quitting smoking weed, you need to especially avoid harmful substances such as alcohol and caffeine if you want to get a better sleep at night. The issue with most stimulants is that they would only make your situation worse. In other words, these depressants might lead to many similar problems that you would face when consuming THC in weed. More seriously, they will weaken the arousal threshold, which makes you wake up easily even when facing the slightest stimuli.

Final thoughts

In overall, there are many ways to have a better sleep after you’ve quit smoking weed. But keep in mind that you have to make a lot of efforts in controlling your habit and managing your bedtime schedules. By following our tips above, it might be much simpler for you to fall asleep quickly at night without worrying about adding any potentially harmful substances into your body

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