How To Sleep In A Chair?

If you cannot sleep on a bed and have no access to a sofa or even a futon on the floor, a chair can work as a temporary solution.

Try to make the chair as comfortable as possible, try to recline if you can, and make sure you are warm.

Can You Sleep In A Chair?

Can You Sleep In A Chair

Obviously, a bed or even a couch is way more comfortable than a chair. But if your body is tired enough and you have no other option, you can sleep in a chair.

Chairs are best for short naps. But you can also get a few hours of sleep in one by making the chair as comfortable as possible.

Don’t turn it into a habit, though. Sleeping often on a chair can lead to back pain and other aches.

It also reduces your sleep quality, since you can’t sleep deeply. You’ll wake up feeling tired and spend the day fatigued.

If you need to sleep for more than a 20-minute nap, there are plenty of budget solutions. You can get a cheap futon and lay it on the floor. An air mattress or even a sleeping bag also works great as a temporary bed.

How To Sleep In A Chair

Don’t expect the same quality of sleep in a chair as you would get in a bed. But with the following tips, you can make the chair comfortable enough for a few hours of sleep.

  • Choose the right chair – if you have a choice of chairs, go with one that has a high back, no arms and can recline. It’s going to provide better support and help you sleep more comfortably. Also, the bigger the chair, the better. A large chair will give you more space to shift and get comfortable.
  • Find something to elevate your feet. Keeping your feet elevated not only makes you more comfortable, it also improves blood circulation, prevents cramping, and reduces fatigue. You can place your feet on another chair, a stool, or a coffee table.
  • If the chair reclines, recline it as far back as it’ll go. Don’t forget to lock the chair’s wheels, if it has them, to keep it from moving around when you shift.
  • Find something to keep you warm like a blanket or a large coat. If there’s none available, dress as warmly as possible.
  • Look for anything else that will make your sleep more comfortable like a pillow or a rolled up towel you can place under your head.
  • Turn the lights off and turn off any light-emitting gadgets. It’s easier to sleep in a dark room. Also, turn off any lights to make the room quiet.

How To Fall Asleep Quickly On A Chair

Unless you are one of the lucky people who sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat, it can be difficult to fall asleep on a chair.

The trick is to try to relax. The more anxious you get, the harder it is to drowse off. Try taking deep long breaths to help your body and mind calm down.

You can also try listening to some music or a podcast. You’ll find yourself drowsing off in no time.

Make sure you are not too cold or too hot. To fall asleep quickly, your body should feel cool.

If you cannot fall asleep no matter what you do, get up from the chair and do something else. Staying in the chair will make you even more anxious, and make it harder to sleep.

Read a book, watch something, or call someone then try sleeping again after some time.

Best Chair Alternatives For Sleeping

Best Chair Alternatives For Sleeping

When it comes to improvising a temporary bed, a chair is one of the worst options. It’s cramped and uncomfortable.

It can work for a short nap or a few hours of sleep. But if you need a place to sleep for several nights, see if you can find a more comfortable alternative. Assuming you have no access to a proper bed, here are the best chair alternatives for sleeping.

  • A mattress on the floor. If you are on a budget, a 3 or 4 inch mattress topper on the floor can also work.
  • A futon or a sleeping bag.
  • An air mattress. You can get a basic camping air mattress.
  • A sofa. If you plan to sleep on the sofa for a prolonged period, consider buying a cheap foam mattress topper or futon and laying it on the sofa to improve comfort and support.
  • The floor. If the floor has a soft rug, it’ll probably be more comfortable to sleep on it than a chair. Roll up a towel or coat to use as a pillow and find something warm to cover yourself with.

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