How To Make Mattress Softer?

The only place where you can find peace a long day at work is your comfortable bed. The ever desired relaxation, coziness, and comfort would be found in your little space where you relax and have a restful sleep. Isn’t it?

But if you often get up in the morning with pains and aches, chances are your mattress can be too hard for your body and cause joint stiffness. In these cases, try some DIY ideas to make it softer and create an ideal sleeping environment.

Why do new mattresses feel firm?

While some mattress models feel firm simply because that’s their standard level of firmness, many types of mattresses can be firm when they are brand new and take some time to get softer.

This is particularly true for those units made from memory foam. A few online companies pack their beds in a container for delivery. When they do this, you will find that these mattresses have already been soft.

However, if your mattresses arrive fully intact, you should expect an adjustment period, which often lasts about one months or more. This is quite similar when you purchase shoes and break them in to eliminate the “new” feeling.

How to make mattress softer?

1. Check the foundation

Do you know that the foundation can affect the firmness level of your mattress? Keep in mind that not all kinds of beds are suitable for different forms of foundation. The foundation itself can be either a slatted or solid platform. Solid surfaces such as the floor, firm platform, or wood planks provide less support to your bedding, thus making it feel relatively firm. In this case, consider changing the foundation to offer some give.

If you’ve recently switched to a memory foam bed from innerspring, for example, you might have to remove the box spring. But for other models which aren’t memory foam, a box spring foundation would be an ideal option make your mattress feel softer. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that box spring platforms are made for innerspring beddings mattresses.

2. Step on the mattress

Another way to make your brand new mattress softer is to take a few steps on its surface. In fact, you can break it in when sleeping at night and experience a softening feel over time, but it can take a few months. To speed up, you can walk across the mattress’s surface a few minutes each day to soften the materials. You can get your children involved, but avoid jumping or it can damage the foundation and frame.

3. Use mattress toppers

Using a topper is probably the cheapest, quickest, and the most effective way to reduce the firmness of your mattress. These units are often designed to add a layer of padding, typically memory foam, on top of the bedding. With this supportive layer, it helps to soften the mattress surface, as well as enhance contouring and pressure point alleviation. There is a variety of different materials available, such as down alternative, polyfoam, feather, cotton, wool, and memory foam. Make sure to choose something which is under 2 inches in thickness and have a low density for extra comfort and softness. Alternatively, you can try a waterproof mattress protector.

4. Warm up the mattress

This technique only works for memory foam beddings. In general, memory foam is quite sensitive to external temperatures. Thus, it can feel a little bit firmer in cool areas, and softer in warm spaces. Even though cold rooms offer the best environments for sleeping, adjust the temperatures a bit can make your firm mattress softer, thus allowing for a luxury and comfortable experience.

5. Rotate and flip the mattress

If your bedding can be flipped or rotated, this method would help. It might sound unusual, but flipping or rotating your mattress after every 3 or 4 months can bring the desired softness. The firmness and stiffness of bedding typically need little air to be eliminated completely.

You have 2 options:

  • Flip the mattress over to make the top surface face down
  • Rotate the mattress 180 degrees

This is quite like when you rotate your car’s tires regularly to check for wear and tear. However, keep in mind that rotating or flipping won’t be an instant way to make your mattress softer. Instead, it is a gradual process.

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