How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating [9 Tips]

You can’t completely stop air from leaking out of the mattress. Air mattresses are designed to lose a bit of air. Otherwise, they can burst.

But normal air loss should be barely noticeable and should definitely not affect your sleeping comfort.

If your air mattress is deflating too much, there’s a problem. It might be related to temperature, the quality of the mattress or the surroundings.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your air mattress from deflating. They apply whether you use an air mattress as your primary bed or only occasionally for camping or guests.

1. Buy a Good Quality Air Mattress

Cheap air mattresses have low quality components.

The material may be too thin, which makes it easy for a puncture to occur. The stitching along the seams may also be poor quality, which causes air to leak when you pump air into the mattress.

Low quality valves can also cause the mattress to deflate.

If you want a long lasting air mattress that doesn’t flatten at night, spend more on a high quality air mattress from a well-known brand.

Check customer reviews to see other people’s experiences with the mattress.

2. Check the Room Temperature

When it’s cold, air occupies less space. In other words, it contracts.

If you are sleeping in a cold environment or if you switch of the heater in the middle of the night, the air mattress will seem to have deflated. It has not actually lost any air. Rather, the air inside is taking up less space.

To avoid this, maintain the room at room temperature. Turn up the AC thermostat or use a space heater.

Also avoid placing the mattress directly on the cold floor. Place it on a carpet, a box spring or a piece of plywood.

3. Check the Max Weight Capacity

This is important if you are planning to sleep on the mattress with your partner or a friend. Most air mattresses can take the weight of most adults, but two adults might exceed the weight limit.

This can cause too much pressure on the mattresses, making it lose air quickly.

4. Check the Area Before Setting up the Mattress

A stray toothpick or a sharp table edge can puncture the air mattress, causing it to deflate more than usual.

Before you blow up the mattress, check the area around carefully. Look for anything sharp or jagged that can cause a puncture.

5. Buy an Air Mattress Never Flat Technology

These air mattresses have a built-in pump. Whenever the mattress starts to loose pressure, the pump kicks in automatically, silently re-inflating the mattress.

This way, the mattress never deflates regardless of the room temperature.

6. Be Patient

When you first inflate the air mattress, the material stretches. This makes it appear like the mattress has deflated a little.

Just re-inflate the mattress and it will stop deflating after the first 2-3 nights. That’s of course, assuming that the stretching is the one causing deflation.

7. Deflate the Mattress Every Morning

Keeping the mattress inflated throughout exerts a lot of pressure on the seams, valves and other components.

This can wear them down faster and cause leakage.

The best solution is to deflate the mattress every morning and re-inflate it when you are about to go to sleep.

Use an electric pump or get an air mattress with a built-in pump to make your work easier.

8. Set Up and Use the Mattress Properly

Check the user guide or manual before you set up the mattress. Make sure you set it up and use it according to the manufacturer instructions.

For example, most manufacturers warn against overinflating the mattress. Check the pressure gauge when inflating.

It’s also not a good idea to sit on the mattress for long as it can exert too much pressure on a single area, increasing the risk of a leak.

If you have kids, don’t let them jump or play on the mattress.

Be careful as well if you have pets. Their sharp claws can puncture the mattress. Either keep them off the mattress or buy a pet-proof air mattress.

9. Get a New Mattress

Your air mattress could just be old and worn out.

If you’ve had it for a few years, it’s probably time to shop for a new one. This is especially so if you’ve been sleeping on it frequently.

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