Which Is The Best Sofa Bed For Everyday Use On The UK Market?

For daily sleeping, nothing but a proper comfortable bed will do. But for those occasional nights you have some guests over and you don’t have a guest room, a sofa bed is a great idea.

Trying to sleep on a normal sofa is torture. It’s too narrow and in the morning, your back clearly feels the results of its inadequate support.

A sofa bed, though not as comfortable as a bed, is much better than the couch.

It’s handy if you don’t have a place for your frequent guests and you’d rather not have them sleep on a mattress or futon on the floor. It’s also ideal for everyday use when a bed is not available.

In this 10-minute buying guide, I’ll review the best sofa beds you can buy online. But first, some tips on what features to look for when shopping for a sofa bed in the UK.

What to consider when buying a sofa bed

Here are the features that matter most when you are choosing a sofa bed.

a. Frame material

Look for a sofa bed with a strong wooden frame. Hardwoods are the best especially if you are planning to use the sofa bed frequently – either as a sofa or a bed.

A hardwood frame will last longer without breaking or warping.

b. Opening mechanism

You want something that will take just a few seconds to turn into a bed. So check that the opening mechanism is smooth and easy to operate.

Most sofa beds use a click clack locking system. It’s easy to use and is reliable even after years of use.

Some sofa beds use a pull out mechanism which is also great.

c. Comfort and support

If you are planning to use the ‘bed’ part of the sofa bed frequently, make sure it is comfortable for sleeping on.

Most sofa beds tend to be too soft which is great for pressure relief on your hips and shoulders but terrible for back support.

The foam material should not be too soft or too firm. It should feel fairly plush but still provide enough support.

I also recommend looking for a sofa bed that uses a breathable fabric. This ensures you or your guest don’t get hot and sweaty at night.

Tip: If you get a budget sofa bed that doesn’t use premium materials, I recommend getting a mattress pad as well and place it on the sofa bed for extra comfort and durability.

d. Size

Always check the dimensions of the sofa bed before buying it.

This is not only important to make sure you have enough space for it in the room (especially when it’s completely flat) but also to know how many people can sleep on it.

Most click clack sofa beds are enough for just one person and two kids. But two adults can also fit though with limited personal space to turn and move.

Pull out sofa beds tend to be bigger. You can even get a queen size which is handy for couples.

Remember to check the dimensions of the sofa bed both when it’s a sofa and when opened into a bed.

Best sofa bed for everyday use – Top Picks

1. Unmatchable 3 Seater Sofa Bed

This sofa bed uses a click clack system that can be set in three positions: upright, reclining and completely flat.

The sofa is a 3-seater. It’s comfortable enough though several customers recommend getting some cushions.

When it’s flattened into a bed, it measures 190cm by 113cm. That’s the size of a small double bed.

It’s best for one person to sleep on but two can also squeeze into it if absolutely necessary.

Make sure there’s someone to help you carry the sofa bed inside when it’s delivered. It weighs 40kg.

The sofa bed comes almost fully assembled. You just have to screw on the curved chrome legs and it’s ready to use.

There are two colour options. One is a combination of charcoal fabric and white faux leather. The other is duck grey fabric with charcoal faux leather.

Both styles look great especially with the chrome legs. It’s a beautiful addition to any room.

What we like about it:

  • Feels comfortable enough both as a sofa and a bed.
  • Easy to use opening mechanism with three positions (upright, recline and flat).
  • Beautiful modern style with two colour options.

2. Unmatchable 3 Seater Sofa Bed with Faux Leather and Cup Holder

This is a cheaper sofa bed from Unmatchable. It’s also a 3-seater but the bed part of it is slightly smaller.

The bed dimensions are 183cm by 98cm. That’s about the size of a standard single bed. It can only fit one adult or two kids.

Like the other Unmatchable sofa bed above, the click clack mechanism can be set in three positions. You can use it as a fully upright sofa, recline it for more comfort when watching TV and lay it down flat when you need to sleep.

The opening mechanism is easy to use and secure.

The sofa is fairly comfortable. It can easily sit three. But if you want to use the two cup holders in the pull-down armrest in the middle, it can only sit two.

It’s also not too bad as a bed. The only sorta downside is the material. Leather and faux leather don’t make for the most comfortable sleeping surfaces.

They tend to feel clammy and cold.

So if you get this sofa, get a mattress pad as well. Alternatively, spread a sheet or blanket on the sofa bed before sleeping on it. It’ll feel more comfortable.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Includes two cup holder.
  • Fairly comfortable as a sofa and bed.
  • Easy to use click clack mechanism.

3. Cherry Tree Furniture NORA 3-Seater Fabric Sofa Bed

I love that this sofa bed comes with arms, something which many sofa bed lack. It makes for more comfortable sitting for three.

It also includes two cushions which you can use as pillows.

This is a budget sofa bed so don’t expect a luxury plush sleeping experience. It’s fairly good as a sofa but can feel a bit too firm as a bed.

Customers recommend adding some cushions to make it more comfortable to sit on. As for sleeping, you may want to consider getting a mattress pad and lay it on top of the sofa. Your guests will appreciate it.

The design is stylish and modern. The backrest is tufted which creates a nice textured look. The slanting wood legs also look great.

The sofa bed comes in a light blue which blends well into any home décor. You can put it in the living room, lounge, guest room or bedroom.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Looks great.
  • Easy to use click clack system.

4. Cozime Luxury Recliner Fabric Corner Sofa Bed

cozime luxury recliner fabric corner sofa bed

If you are looking for an L-shape sofa bed, this is a great choice. It sits 3 to 4 people when it’s a sofa and sleeps 1 to 2 people when flattened into a bed.

It’s a bit pricey than other sofa beds on this list but it’s also more comfortable. The cushions are thick and comfortable. The high density foam is guaranteed to last for long.

You can use the sofa bed in three different positions: as an upright sofa, as a recliner and as a completely flat bed.

It’s very comfortable in any position. It includes three back cushions for reclining on and you can also use them as pillows when sleeping.

As a bonus, you get storage space underneath the sofa. It’s big enough to fit the bedding you need for the sofa bed including a duvet, a blanket and a couple of sheets.

The design is beautiful. The black fabric contrasts well with the chrome detailed legs. It’s stylish enough that you can even use it in an office.

What we like about it:

  • Large and comfortable sofa bed.
  • Includes cushions which can also be used as pillows.
  • Bonus storage space underneath.

5. HOMCOM 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Another affordable option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sofa bed. Obviously, it’s not going to be as comfortable as a bed but it’s good enough for occasional use.

The sofa sits 3 and comes with armrests for added comfort. It comes with a couple of cushions.

The bed part of it is just big enough for one adult or two kids. The breathable linen fabric ensures you sleep cool and fresh. You can use the cushions as pillows.

The sofa bed uses a strong and durable wooden frame and metal legs. The max weight capacity is 300kg.

For extra safety, the sofa bed contains a fire-retardant material.

Some assembly will be required when the sofa bed is delivered. But it’s just screwing on the legs.

Overall, it looks with the contrasting coffee brown fabric and metal legs.

What we like about it:

  • Fairly comfortable. The thick foam, cushions and breathable fabric make for good sitting, reclining and sleeping.
  • Great design.
  • Durable construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to buy a sofa bed?

Amazon carries a wide variety of sofa beds styles, colours and sizes. Most big retailers and department stores including John Lewis, Costco, Argos and Wayfair also sell sofa beds.

Also, check popular furniture stores such as DFS, Furniture Village and Harveys Furniture.

Q: How to reupholster a sofa bed?

Disassemble the sofa bed by removing the cushions, the mattress and the metal frame that supports the mattress.

Next, remove the fabric on the sofa. Usually, the upholstery is attached to the sofa using staples. You’ll need a staple remover. On some sections, the fabric may be attached using metal tacks. Be careful when removing these.

As you remove the fabric, mark the different sections. That is, indicate which piece of fabric came from the back of the sofa bed, which one came from the left side and so on.

This will help you pattern new fabric for each section of the sofa bed.

Cut and sew the new fabric sections (using the old upholstery pieces as a guide) and staple them back onto the sofa bed.

Note: If the batting underneath the upholstery is worn out, this is a good opportunity to replace it.

If you need a step-by-step guide, checkout this video:

Q: How to get rid of bed bugs in a sofa bed?

Vacuuming and steaming will get rid of most of the bedbugs and their eggs. Use a HEPA vacuum with a crevice nozzle attached to suck bedbugs and eggs from seams, corners and other crevices.

Turn the sofa on its side to vacuum the underside. You should also unfold the bed and vacuum it thoroughly.

Since the mattress is also likely infected with bedbugs, remove it and treat it separately. Vacuum the mattress, making sure you cover every inch of it. Consider buying a mattress protector for your sofa bed mattress. It will keep bedbugs from making a home in the mattress.

Back to the sofa bed. After vacuuming the seams, upholstery and crevices, use a steamer to kill any remaining bedbugs and eggs.

Finish by applying a bedbug insecticide spray that kills any bedbugs and eggs you missed and prevents a new infestation.

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