Airbeds; they’re practical, functional, and have the potential to make for an incredibly fun experience. Just ask anyone watching what was a bundle of plastic morph into a comfortable and mobile bed for the very first time.

I’ll be the first to admit; air beds used to be a sure way to a sore, sleepless night. But that’s all in the past. Today, some of these beds are so comfortable and advanced that they’ll send even the most finicky sleeper off to dreamland in a jiffy.

Whether you want a high performance, luxury option for long-term use, something that’s more portable and easy to fold away for camping, or even a dedicated airmat for visiting rellies, there’s literally an option for everything.

After hundreds of hours of testing all the top rated airbed brands in the UK and talking to some of their customers, we’ve definitely done our homework on what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why we’ve compiled this detailed and informative shopping guide to help you get the right match. But for those of you keen on getting your own units right now, let’s dive right into our top 8 best air bed reviews.

Best air bed reviews

1. Coleman Maxi Comfort Raised King Airbed

When it comes to quality sleeping products, Coleman has definitely made a name for itself in a lot of UK households. Asking around, customers had only good things to say about the Coleman Maxi Comfort Raised King Airbed. The first thing you notice is the larger dimensions that are not only wide enough to fit two people, but also a bit thicker than your average airbed. As Coleman says, they went with double the height for double the comfort. However, the 47 cm height is good enough to sit and get on and off easily. Apart from an airtight system, this airbed incorporates an internal coil structure for extra support. What’s more, the thick PVC exterior is puncture resistance and quite durable.

What we like about it:

  • Coleman double lock valve for airtight system
  • Double height offers ultimate comfort
  • Durable and puncture resistant PVC exterior

2. Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed

Introducing one of the most popular and affordable releases from The Body Source, the Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed also impressed us with its quality craftsmanship. When it comes to building stuff into their Airbeds, this manufacturer clearly doesn’t have the word enough in their vocabulary. For starters, the Queen size mattress comes with an integrated pump that allows for full inflation in just 3 minutes. As if that wasn’t enough, Body Source included a built-in, raised pillow that provides additional head and neck support all night long. Other features on this Premium model include a hard wearing puncture resistant material that is further protected by a soft touch, waterproof flock for outdoor and camping use.

What we like about it:

  • Larger, queen size dimensions
  • Soft touch waterproof flock coating allows for outdoor use
  • Comes with plenty of built n features and a puncture repair kit

3. Intex Ultra Plush Queen Size Airbed

The Intex Ultra Plush Queen Size Airbed combines convenience, comfort and stunningly good looks that are sure to make an impression on your guests. This massive airbed features the maximum Queen size dimensions with a height of 46 cm and a total weight of 11 kg. This makes it more than qualified to serve as your main bed too. Apart from a built in electric pump that allows for quicker inflation and deflation, the Ultra Plush lives up to its name with a textured sleeping surface and inflated outer perimeter band for that extra touch of stability. What’s more, the bottom of this bed is contoured for an extra gripping effect on slippery surfaces.

What we like about it:

  • Quality tested 21.2 gauge waterproof flocked top
  • Built in pump that takes 4 minutes to inflate
  • Vinyl accents combine with the flocked surface for an eye catching effect

4. Coleman Comfort Airbed

Coleman Comfort Bed - Double
Coleman has definitely been hard at work to come up with creative airbeds at pocket-friendly prices. One such product has to be the Coleman Comfort Airbed that boasts of all the features you expect in a high-end model at only a fraction of the price. Before we even get any further, let’s look at the main selling point on this bad boy. This clever double bed features a Dual Chamber that offers two completely separate chambers in one mattress. This allows couples to set their own air amounts and define their own comfort levels. What’s more, Coleman only used materials that are kinder to the environment and to you as well.

What we like about it:

  • Dual chamber construction for independent comfort
  • Robust PVC laminated fabric for puncture resistance
  • Advanced double lock valve system guarantees leak free use

5. Aerobed Luxury Collection Raised Air Bed

Innovative, comfortable, supportive and packed with all the modern features you’d expect in an airbed, the Aerobed Luxury Collection Raised Air Bed is truly the all in one inflatable mattress. Not only do you get double stacked mattress for double the pleasure, but everything you need to operate the bed is built in. This includes a powerful pump that gets the job done in minutes and a user-friendly control panel for adjusting. As if that isn’t convenient enough, there’s also a remote control to operate the bed without having to move. Purchase also comes with a durable carry bag for easy storage and transport.

What we like about it:

  • Double air mattress offers unrivalled comfort
  • Super fast inflation and deflation
  • Non-allergenic PVC construction with antimicrobial treatment

6. AmazonBasics Pillow Rest Premium Airbed

If you thought you’d seen it all, wait till you get a load of this bad boy. The AmazonBasics Pillow Rest Premium Airbed is a sleek, gorgeous and futuristic unit that grabs your attention from afar. This versatile airbed is ideal for anything from temporary overnighters all the way to permanent and outdoor sleeping options. The AmazonBasics airbed owes all its killer good looks to a PVC viscous fibre topping that offers as much comfort as it does durability. In addition to the built-in air pump for fast inflation and an integrated pillow rest, this airbed comes with some handy accessories. This includes a heavy duty repair patch and an easy storage bag for space saving storage.

What we like about it:

  • One of the best-looking airbeds we ever saw
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Hard sides and edges top minimize roll off

7. Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed

If you always have friends and family sleeping over, enjoy camping, or for one reason or another end up sleeping on the couch most of the time, then boy do we have the perfect airbed for you. Not only is the Active Era Premium Single Size Air Bed perfect for all your excursions, but it’s actually comfortable enough for one person to have an unforgettable night’s rest. Thanks to its single size, all it takes is about one and a half minutes for the built in pump to get it fully inflated. Combine that with the extra thick design and structured air coils, and you have yourself a truly premium single airbed.

What we like about it:

  • Inflates in half the time of larger models
  • Structured air coils deliver incredible comfort and support
  • Extra tough exterior made with 1.5 gauge puncture resistant material

8. Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed Queen Size

Introducing what is possibly the most expensive airbed on this entire list, the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed definitely packs enough features to be worth that much. If you were paying attention to Intex’s other unit, you’ll notice that this one is just a more deluxe version of the standard pillow rest bed. For starters, the 43 cm height is so thick that you wouldn’t know the difference between this and a real bed. This particular model incorporates a built in air pump that gets your mattress inflated in slightly over 3 minutes. But the icing on the cake has to be the soft plush flocking that makes Intex’s airbed a genuinely premium sleeping experience.

What we like about it:

  • Built in pump and pillow
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable sleeping surface
  • Comes with duffel bag for easy storage and transport

9. Bestway Restaira Premium Queen Bed

As the name suggests, Bestway is indeed committed to finding the best way for you to fall asleep. Their innovative and high-quality air beds have definitely been getting some significant traction. Most notably, however, is their best seller, the Bestway Restaira Premium Queen Bed. In addition to a robust, built in pump that inflates the airbed in just 240 seconds, the manufacturer also included a flocked surface that offers all the warmth and protection you need. But that’s just the half of it; the Restaira premium bed features a unique, patented Coil Beam construction that provides extra support and even load distribution for the ultimate comfort.

What we like about it:

  • Incredibly fast inflation thanks to built in 240 V pump
  • Bestway’s unique coil beam structure offers unrivalled support
  • Rib design facilitates less roll off

UK bed buyer’s guide: how to choose the best air bed

Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting your very own air bed, it’s time to make sure your hard earned pounds are put to good use. Nobody wants to spend good money on something that will only disappoint; leaving you and your guests on a cold, hard stone floor or wet ground.

Since back in the day when they were all just thin layers of air that barely kept your body off the ground, blow up mattresses have definitely come a long way. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the key considerations to make when shopping for an air bed.

i) Consider the material

The last thing you want is to repair punctures on a regular basis. If durability is your primary concern, then you’ll need to know what materials are ideal for this. Generally, the thickness of the PVC says a lot about how durable the airbed is. From what we tested, heavy gauge PVC is great since in addition to preventing air leakage, it also minimizes the chance of tears and seam splits.

ii) Consider the size

Just like regular beds, air beds also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Generally, these range from Twin to Queen, all the way to King size.

Obviously, your choice will largely depend on the air bed’s intended purpose. Twin and full sized air beds are ideal for single folks and campers who want something smaller.

As for couples, you’ll want to go with a Queen size that’s big enough for two, but still small enough to be space saving. King size air beds are only ideal for people who appreciate the extra space and those who plan to use it as an everyday bed.

iii) Consider the comfort and support levels

As you would expect, the comfort level offered by an air mattress will be directly related to the thickness. Thicker mattresses mean more comfort since you have a higher volume of air underneath you.

However, even the thickest, heavy duty PVC air bed can be a total dud if the interior construction is outdated. Our research revealed that air beds with inner coil designs offered more support and better weight distribution than any other type out there.

iv) Think about blowing it up

Remember the last time you blew up a beach ball or some party balloons? Not an easy task, is it? Sure, you’ll save a ton of money if you can buy an airbed that works on lung power or hand pumps, but make sure you’re indeed up to the challenge every time you need to take a nap.

Pricier (and more civilized) models, on the other hand, come with a simple outlet that connects to an electric pump for instant inflation.

v) Price

Like most homeowners all over the UK, it goes without saying that you appreciate saving a few coins here and there.

However, we’ve all seen the demerits of buying cheap, low-quality air mattresses. Even if you’ll be using the airbed once in a while, it pays to spend about a hundred pounds for a top unit with quality options and features.

But as you’ve seen from our list, some of the best airbeds don’t even cost half that much. For those of you on a really tight budget, you can save even more by buying affordable models from respected brands.

Airbed FAQs

Q: Do all airbeds come with that signature plastic odour?

Well, PVC is the best material for air beds, but it does come with a prominent, shower curtain odour; some being stronger than others. The good news is that the smell is usually gone in a matter of days.

Q: Why does my air bed deflate overnight?

While most air mattresses claim to be leak-proof, no air bed is truly airtight. They all tend to deflate due to their design, temperatures, and pressure put on them. So even if they were leak proof, cold temperatures will still cause the air inside these beds to condense; making the mattress appear as if it lost far more air than it really did.

Q: How do I find a leak in my air bed?

Being made mostly of air, finding holes on your airbed is quite easy. To identify the source of air loss, simply add some dish soap to a spray bottle full of warm water and spray away. Start at the valve and work your way systematically until you have the entire surface covered. Any leaks should present themselves as bubbles for easy repair.

Q: Can you use a vacuum to inflate an air bed?

It might sound hilarious, but we get this question all the time. Well, prepare to have your socks blown off (pun intended) because you can actually inflate an air mattress using a vacuum cleaner. But that’s just the half of it; you just need any appliance that can force air into the mattress. So grab your bike pump, hand vac, blow dryer or leaf blower and try not to make too much noise before bedtime.

Q: How to inflate an air bed without a pump?

Look for an appliance or tool that blows air out. Some obvious ones that come to mind include a hair dryer (set on cold), a vacuum cleaner with a blower function or a leaf blower.

Hold the nozzle where the air comes out tight against the air mattress valve to inflate the mattress.

You can also use a bike pump, though the pump’s nozzle and mattress valve won’t be a perfect fit.

Another option is to use a garbage bag. Hold the bag’s opening wide and move it through the air to inflate it. Close the top of the bag with your hand and hold it tightly against the mattress valve.

Lay down on the bag with your body to push the air into the air mattress. It’ll take longer to inflate the mattress but it works when you are in a pinch.

You can also inflate the mattress with your mouth. It’ll take much longer and might leave your jaw and cheeks with a slight ache.

Q: How to find a puncture in an air bed?

Remove all bedding from the mattress and inflate it to maximum capacity.

The first place to check for a leak is the valve. Check that is fully closed and not leaking any air. Listen for any hissing sound. If you can’t hear any, spray a mixture of dish soap and warm water onto the valve and look for bubbling.

If the valve is okay, walk around the mattress listening for any audible hissing. Press gently on the mattress to make the sound of escaping air easier to hear. But some punctures are very tiny and won’t make any sound.

Again, a mixture of dish soap and warm water is the best way to find the leak. Either spray the mixture onto the mattress or apply it with a sponge.

Start with the seams, then the top of the mattress, then the sides and finally the bottom of the mattress. Whenever you find a puncture, mark it with a marker and keep looking for other punctures.

Q: Where can I buy an air bed?

Amazon and other major online retailers including Argos carry a wide variety of air mattresses.

You’ll also find a decent variety at your local supermarket. Any store that sells mattresses and bedding is also likely to have some air mattresses in stock.

If you are looking for an air bed specifically for camping, you can buy online on Amazon and other major retailers or check local camping supplies stores.