How To Choose The Best Bed Socks?

A thick and soft pair of bed socks is the best way to keep your feet warm when in bed. Warm feet prevent heat loss from the body, which makes for warmer and better sleep.

In this buying guide, we review the best bed socks on the UK market, and give you tips for picking the warmest pair. Most of our picks are also great for lounging around your home.

What To Consider When Choosing Bed Socks

A. Fabric

The type of fabric used determines how warm the socks feel and how soft and cozy they are.

The warmest bed socks have a knit exterior usually made with polyester or some other synthetic fabric, and a soft internal lining made with fleece.

The fleece lining is not only soft against your skin, it also traps more heat, which keeps your feet insulated in the cold.

Woollen socks are also great for sleeping. Wool provides temperature regulation, insulating your feet when it’s cold and keeping them cool and sweat-free when it’s warm.

The only downside is that they are pricey. But you can find cheaper wool socks blended with synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic.

The cheapest and least warm bed socks consist mostly of polyester with a bit of spandex for elasticity. These are suitable if you are shopping on a budget or only need a bit of warmth for your feet.

B. Thickness

Another factor that determines how warm socks are is their thickness.

The warmest bed socks are thick and usually have a knitted exterior and a soft inner lining. These are great if you live in a place that gets very cold or you are naturally a cold sleeper.

We also recommend thicker socks if you plan to wear them in bed and walk around the house in them. In fact, most thick bed socks have a non-slip bottom for exactly this purpose.

Thinner socks are more suitable for less cold places where you only need to add some warmth to keep your feet comfortable without overheating.

Thinner socks are also ideal if you want socks that you can wear in bed as well as with shoes when you are up and about.

C. Non-slip Bottom

Looking for bed socks that are also perfect for lounging in at home? We recommend thick socks with non-slip bottoms.

These keep your feet warm when in bed and are easy to walk on the floor in.

D. Size

Check the shoe size the bed socks are recommended for. Most socks are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes. Make sure your size falls within the recommended range.

Too-small socks will feel tight and may leave part of your legs uncovered and cold. Too-large sock will also feel uncomfortable and can easily slip off when you are asleep.

E. Price

The price of bed socks depends on the material they are made from as well as how thick and warm they are.

A premium pair of thick bed socks with fleece lining (perfect for harsh winters) costs between £10 and £15.

For the same price range, or even cheaper, you can get a pack of 5 or 6 pairs of bed socks made from polyester, wool or wool blend. These will be thinner and won’t have the soft thermal lining. But they are still warm.

If you don’t need extra-warm socks, there are plenty of affordable options. But if you need socks that retain as much heat as possible, be ready to spend more.

F. Style

Finally, decide what style you want. Bed socks typically come in bright colours with colourful patterns, but you can also find neutral or plain coloured bed socks.

Bed Socks: Top 5 Reviews

1. JaosWish Fluffy Socks for Women and Girls

These are our favourite bed socks for women. They are colourful, warm and cosy, and good value for money.

Each pack includes six pairs of fluffy socks in mixed colours.

The JaosWish are affordable because they are made with polyester (98%) and a bit of elastane/Spandex (2%).

But they still keep your feet warm. We recommend them for women who need a moderate amount of warmth on their feet to sleep comfortably.

The spandex in the socks makes them elastic, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. They won’t slip off under the blanket.

The JaosWish bed socks are designed to fit most shoe sizes. If you wear shoes between sizes 3 and 8, these socks will fit perfectly.

As for cleaning and care, the polyester fabric makes the JaosWish hardy and easy to wash. You can put them in the washer and they won’t shrink or fade.

What we like about them:

  • Good value – 6 pairs at an affordable price.
  • Colourfull.
  • Warm and cosy.
  • Perfect for women looking for moderately warm bed socks.

2. CityComfort Cosy Winter Socks for Women

Shopping on a budget? This pack of CityComfort winter socks is one of the most affordable we’ve come across.

It’s a pack of 6 pairs of bed socks at a great price.

The socks are made with fleece (synthetic fabrics with a brushed wool-like finish), so they feel incredibly soft and cosy.

They are not super thick, so they are best if you only need a bit of warmth in your feet when sleeping.

The thinner fabric makes the CityComfort socks versatile; you can wear the socks in bed, around the house, and with shoes when going out.

The socks come in different bright colours, all with the same stripe pattern. Your pack will include a selection of different colours.

As for fit, the CityComfort socks are on the smaller side. They are designed for people with shoe sizes between 3 and 5. An elastic band ensures a snug fit and keeps the socks from slipping off when in bed.

If you wear bigger shoes, we recommend the JaosWish socks that we’ve just reviewed above. They are just as affordable and can fit shoe sizes up to 8.

What we like about them:

  • Soft fleece fabric.
  • Affordable.
  • Machine washable.

3. Sock Snob Ladies Turn Over Top Winter Nordic Bed Socks

These Nordic style socks from Sock Snob are our favourite woollen bed socks. They are a bit pricey considering you only get one pair, but it’s worth it.

For one, the socks are super warm without being overly thick. That’s the magic of wool. It’s great at temperature regulation, easily keeping you warm when it’s cold but without overheating your feet.

They are comfortable to wear in bed, you can lounge around the house in them, and you can slip shoes over them when going outside the house.

For added insulation and comfort, the inside of the socks has a brushed lining that traps heat and feels really soft against your skin.

We also love the style of these Sock Snob socks. You can choose from more than five colours and patterns, all of which are perfect whether you are at home or walking around town.

The Sock Snob winter Nordic socks are not 100% wool. The fabric is a blend of 63% acrylic, 24% wool, 12% polyamide, and 1% elastane.

The combination of these materials means you get all their benefits: the warmth of acrylic, the temperature regulation and moisture-wicking of wool, and the durability of polyamide.

All the styles available can fit shoe sizes between 4 and 8.

What we like about them:

  • Versatile.
  • Warm.
  • Wide range of styles.
  • Fits most shoe sizes.

4. EBMORE Mens Slipper Fluffy Socks

These are our favourite bed socks for men. They are available in dark colours including black, blue and grey.

They are a bit pricey, but that’s because they are thick and have a soft fleece lining on the inside. These socks will keep your feet warm in very cold weather.

The socks have a non-slip bottom, so you can also wear them as fluffy slippers and walk around the house in them. Rubber dots along the bottom easily grip onto smooth tile or wood flooring.

Since they are made with synthetic fabrics, the EBMORE socks can be machine washed without damage or shrinking.

As for fit, the EBMORE socks can fit men with shoe sizes between 5 and 11.

What we like about them:

  • Thick and fluffy.
  • Extra-warm – great for cold weather.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Can fit a wide range of shoe sizes.

5. Harry Potter Fluffy Slipper Socks

For Harry Potter fans, or anyone looking for bright and colourful bed socks, we recommend these Gryffindor themed slipper socks.

They are chunky knitted bed socks with a soft fleece lining inside. The lining doesn’t just make these socks cosy; they also trap heat and keep your feet warm.

The socks have bright stripes of scarlet and gold, which matches the Gryffindor house colours.

The Harry Potter socks are great for bedtime and you can also walk around in them thanks to the non-slip bottom.

They fit shoe sizes between 5 and 8, so they are suitable for both adults and older kids who are fans of Harry Potter.

What we like about them:

  • Beautiful Harry Potter style.
  • Thick and soft.
  • Extra-warm.
  • Non-slip bottom.

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